Heartless, by Gail Carriger


Fourth book in the series, and still good. Even less Jane Austen speak, or maybe I’m just getting used to it. A lot of fun re: pregnancy. Exciting plot, even if a tad predictable. (I know, for example, that they had the wrong queen right from the beginning, and that Quesnel had been kidnapped or in some way kept from his mother.)

I’m intrigued by what’s happening to the baby, though. It seems she turns into whatever form exists of the person touching her. In her father’s arms, she turns into a werewolf cub. In her adoptive father’s arms, into a baby vampire. But in her mother’s arms? Not into a preternatural, but a normal human – and that’s strange to me. A little inconsistent, perhaps. I guess I’ll see how it plays out in the last book of the series.

First book: Soulless
Second book: Changeless
Third book: Blameless

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