Blameless, by Gail Carriger


Third book in the series, and the best one so far in my opinion. The last book left me a bit unsettled, what with Lord Maccon rejecting his wife so soundly, and I was happy that she gets quite angry and unwilling to forgive him after that, and he gets all sauced and mopey. Good. I do also like how they eventually come back together, as well as all the forays into the different ways people view the supernatural in other parts of the world.

This book was far more philosophical than the others so far, particularly with the contrast of Biffy being turned against his will into a werewolf (sadness), and the Templars’ insistence that that anyone who is supernatural chooses to be thus and is therefore damned. Biffy was probably going to choose immortality, yes, but he hadn’t yet, and the choice was taken from him – a situation that the Templars seem to have no understanding of.

Some of the Jane Austen language is fading a bit, which is nice, so that also helps. All in all, I think this was a good direction for the series to go, and I liked the book a lot.

First book: Soulless
Second book: Changeless

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