Changeless, by Gail Carriger

Gail Carriger - ChangelessSpoilers.

Second book in the five-book series, and pretty much exactly like the first one. Lots of Jane Austen speak, crazy capers, a cross-dressing woman, dirigibles, supernatural badstuff. Etc.

I liked this one as much as the first one, maybe a bit more because the Jane Austen speak wasn’t quite as pronounced. I liked Madame Lefoux a lot, and thought Ms Alexia was a bit naive about the whole situation, especially since she’s already friends with Lord Akeldama and knows all about his preferences. But yeah, I liked this one right up until the end, when Alexia’s husband decides that her pregnancy means she’s cheated on him. Which frankly makes no sense, since every time she’s touching him, he’s mortal, which means he should be perfectly able to have a baby with her. The fact that he assumes otherwise, especially when there’s no precedent for this sort of situation at all (no supernatural has ever married a preternatural), makes him a complete bastard in my mind, and if I were Alexia, I would NEVER take him back no matter what. Bastard.

I know she does, though, which frustrates me, and he had better be suitably groveling in the next book for that to happen. And yes, I will read the next book, and the two after that, probably in the next few weeks.

First book: Soulless

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