Complete Stories, by Zora Neale Hurston

zoraThis is the third short story collection I’ve read for my personal short story project this year, and by far the best. The other two (by Nabokov and Chopin) have both been sort of middle of the road sorts of collections, but this one was excellent. I opened it up and read the first story, “John Redding Goes to Sea,” and thought, Now THIS is what a short story should be!! Most of the rest of the collection followed in the same vein.

Zola Neale Hurston was a master writer. She continues to impress me every time I read her and I’m so glad my librarian friend DL introduced me to her back in 2007. This collection, which contains 26 stories, was fairly even. They were of course mostly written in her same oral-language tradition. There were a few stories that I skimmed or skipped, because they were written in Harlem slang which I could not for the life of me understand. There was a glossary, but I was having to look up every other word and I just didn’t have the energy to keep doing that. There were also several stories that were excerpts from novels, so I only skimmed those. I’d either read the novel or want to read the novel, so I preferred to wait.

Favorite stories include: John Redding Goes to Sea, Drenched in Light, Sweat, Uncle Monday, The Guilded Six-Bits, High John De Conquer, and The Conscience of the Court.

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