Spirit of the Elephant, by Gill Davies

spiritI adore elephants, so when I saw this book on the clearance rack at B&N, I knew I had to get it. The book is half photography and half information on elephants. The photography in the book is beautiful, if slightly typical of what you might expect from a book about elephants. The informational sections, on the other hand, were not great. Most of it was pop science, and the same information was repeated over and over throughout the book. I learned very little more than what I already knew about elephants. The only things I can recall off-hand are some strange bits of information about mating and the fact that their toenails are the only place they sweat. Interesting. Overall, I’m glad I have the book because there are some adorable pictures of elephants in it, but the information sections really weren’t worth the effort I spent reading them.

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