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The Book of Cold Cases, by Simone St. James

In her spare time, Shea maintains a website and blog called the Book of Cold Cases, looking into theories and evidence of unsolved crimes. She never expects to run into Beth Greer, the so-called “Lady Killer” of the 70s, acquitted … Continue reading

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One Great Lie, by Deb Caletti

Charlotte has won the scholarship of her dreams, to spend her summer in Venice with a writer’s group under the tutelage of one of her favorite authors, Luca Bruni. Things are more complicated than they first appear when she arrives, … Continue reading

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Galentine’s Day: The Best People

A few weeks ago, I went for a hike with two friends at a park here in town that I’d never been to. It took me months to get to that park. Agoraphobia had kept me from it for nearly … Continue reading

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The Lady’s Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness, by Sarah Ramey

From Goodreads: Sarah Ramey recounts the decade-long saga of how a seemingly minor illness in her senior year of college turned into a prolonged and elusive condition that destroyed her health but that doctors couldn’t diagnose or treat. Worse, as … Continue reading

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At the Top of a Mountain

Do you remember where you were on 9/11? Where you were when President Obama made history as the first Black president of our country? How about now – will you remember where you were when Kamala Harris became our first … Continue reading

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Murder on Cold Street, by Sherry Thomas (audio)

This is the fifth book in the Lady Sherlock series. Inspector Treadles has been accused of murdering two men, and his wife has engaged Sherlock (aka Charlotte) to find the truth and set him free. So I have to laugh … Continue reading

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Troubled Blood, by Robert Galbraith (audio)

Strike and Robin try to solve a 40-year-old cold case on top of their modern-day cases and various personal life issues. Book 5 in the series. So let me start by addressing the elephant in the book: the cross-dressing serial … Continue reading

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A Discussion of JK Rowling

I have been quiet on the subject of Rowling and her transphobic thoughts up until now. Mostly this is because I am personally quite ignorant on transgender issues, which feel particularly foreign to me as an agender person. I’ve worked … Continue reading

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Mexican Gothic, by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mexico, 1950s. Noemí travels out to check up on her newly-married cousin after some strange letters arrived from her at home. She’s “welcomed” into a decrepit old house by a family who believes they are superior to the “local” population … Continue reading

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Burnout, by Emily and Amelia Nagoski (audio)

Subtitled: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle Self-help is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I really loved Emily Nagoski’s Come As You Are (one of my favorites of 2015), so I decided to give this one a … Continue reading

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