Sunday Coffee – Silence(d)

I don’t have words right now. We are living in a nightmare. I’m looking toward the future, and for the first time in five years, I’m seriously considering moving again, out of Texas, possibly out of the US. I’m done. I’ve blocked an a$$hole step-cousin of mine on FB. He wasn’t even a friend because I unfriended him years ago for his awfulness, but we have mutual friends, and he’s a garbage bag human being, and I finally had to block him entirely.

They say you shouldn’t live in an echo chamber, that you should hear many different viewpoints, and here is what I counter. 1) I’d rather live in an echo chamber, or in silence, if not doing so meant hearing the voices of hypocrisy, murder (especially in the name of anti-murder), misinformation, discrimination, hurtfulness, smugness, condescension, gloating, purposeful ignorance, and a whole host of other bullshit. 2) You can stay outside of an echo chamber and engage with people of other viewpoints while NOT engaging with people who actively want to hurt and oppress people. Those aren’t the same. 3) It’s my f*cking social media, and if hearing people rejoice at laws that will inevitably hurt and kill people is something my mental health can’t handle, then I will delete that crap. People claim you should listen to all sides, but I say you should draw the line at listening to murderers and oppressors.

There’s a thing that most people in the US don’t understand. There is no liberal America. What’s considered “liberal” in America is considered conservative worldwide. What’s considered “conservative” in America is extremism. We are a country being destroyed by white Christian nationalist terrorists, and it’s f*cking terrifying. I remember back in high school, a US history teacher taught us his biases, and it took me years to realize it. He told us about how no one in the US was concerned about the German nationalism during WWII, because nationalism wasn’t a threat to us, and the opposite regarding communism. But no, nationalism has destroyed us. Patriotism has destroyed us. We are a country in flames, and so many of us have turned to ash.

If you disagree, you can keep your opinions to yourself. I just have one thing to say to you. Over the last few months, I’ve trapped several female feral cats for spay and vaccination. Most outdoor unspayed cats will be pregnant to some degree when they go in for surgery, and spay surgery removes all reproductive organs, aborting any potential pregnancy in the process. The female cats that I’ve TNRed over the last few months now have more rights than I do. That’s correct. Cats have more rights than women in the US right now. And while I love cats, and I’m glad they have rights, I think that any rational human being will understand: there’s something really f*cking wrong with this fact.

F*ck this dumpster-fire country.

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Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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