Sunday Coffee – Downton Abbey

Ah, Downton Abbey. For years, I resisted my friend Karen’s insistence that I would love the show. Then one day back in early 2014, I saw the first two seasons on the Express shelf of my library, and checked them out on a whim. I was hooked pretty much immediately, and I sped through the first four seasons in about a week. Then, of course, I had to wait until the next year for season five to release. By that point, I’d gotten Jason hooked, and by the time season 6 came around, everyone but Morrigan had been drawn in. After much protestation, Morrigan did eventually come to love the show. We’ve all been looking forward to the movie, which comes out next Friday.

Except for us, because lucky us, we managed to get advanced screening tickets at a “fancy” Downton party at Alamo Drafthouse. I posted a photo of my dress last weekend. The boys found a collection of suit coats and trousers and ties, and of course Ambrose opted for one of his “cultist robes” – an iridescent rainbow gold snakeskin cloak. Hey, it’s fancy, right? The five of us went out to the theatre on Thursday for the screening.

(after the film)

It was awesome. Really, it was just like a long episode of Downton, feeling very similar to the season finale in that all the stories get wrapped up. Of course you know there will be lots of happy endings and mischief and Mosley making a complete fool of himself. It was perfect, and I can’t wait to see it again. It was even better with everyone dressed up in 20s style dresses and hats, or in servants costume. So much fun!!

Funny story: In the restroom line afterwards, a woman complimented my dress. She looked vaguely familiar, though I couldn’t place her and figured she just looked similar to a few people I know. She didn’t seem to recognize me either. Then after we got home, Morrigan posted a photo on Instagram, saying he’d been at the movie, and a commenter said she’d just been there, too. It was his English teacher, the one he honored at the ceremony I mentioned back in March. That ceremony was the only time I ever met her, but she was definitely the person who said she liked my dress, and that’s why she looked familiar to me!

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4 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Downton Abbey

  1. My wife loves Downton Abbey. I enjoyed it through the first three seasons anyway, and then I don’t know…but that said, we’d like to see the movie too and hopefully will in the theater.

    I’m like you in that I don’t recognize people in a different context. I work at a library and when I see patrons, sometimes I don’t remember. Sometimes since I deal with overdues, though, I do. 😉


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