An Unwanted Guest, by Shari Lapena

A collection of guests are snowed in at a quaint luxury hotel in the Catskills. When one of them dies, it looks like an accident…but then another is quite obviously murdered. Terror ensues.

I grabbed this one off my library’s express shelf with no idea if it would be any good. Turns out, it was! This was a fast, fun murder mystery with a dash of thriller thrown in. There were a couple things I disliked – one character was basically a two-dimensional cliche, and there was a last-chapter mini-twist that was completely unnecessary – but other than those things, I really enjoyed the book. Couldn’t put it down. It felt like a modern-day And Then There Were None. I loved having all the different viewpoints and trying to spot the killer beforehand (I did!). Makes me want to read more of Lapena’s books.

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