Love a la Mode, by Stephanie Kate Strohm

Henry and Rosie meet on a plane to Paris, where they’re both new students of a specialty culinary high school. They fall in love-at-first-sight, of course, as you’d expect, but you know things can’t be that easy.

This was a cute YA love story but only if I turned off the part of my brain that noticed all the disturbing messages it was sending. Sure, if you like a boy, go out with him even when he treats you like crap for months. Sure, it’s okay to form exclusive friend groups and leave others out if your group is made up of the not-normally-cool people. Etc. I did like a lot of the book, but messages like those kept popping up and they got treated as if they were fine, which made the experience mixed for me. It’s just like when I watched Forever My Girl last year, and I wanted the female love interest to never let the jerk who jilted her back into her life. At this point of my life, empowerment means more to me than romance, I guess. Having three teenagers who love to read – and who enjoy romance in books – I’m a little wary of what these sorts of books are telling them. It’s hard to turn that part of my brain off these days.

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