Goal Clothes

So it’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with LuLaRoe, and that I have weight loss goals. I decided to combine those two together! It’s been awhile since I made goal outfits of any kind, but recently I did that. These aren’t end-goal outfits or anything. They’re ones that almost fit and will likely fit when I can lose maybe 10-20 lbs. I can wear them now, they just don’t fit the way I like. Here they are:

First photo, from left to right: This is a LLR Perfect T, size medium. I normally fit a large to extra large depending on material. As you can see, I can wear this shirt just fine. However, I don’t like the way it feels. The sleeves are tight and there’s too much pull under the arms. The fabric thins out when it stretches across the bust and shows my bra a little. The length is not quite as long as I like it. Wearable, but will look much better when it fits properly! That shouldn’t take very long – it’s the closest to fitting well.

Middle photo: This is a size medium Carly dress. Oddly, a medium Carly is generally the size I wear! I’ve noticed that Carlys seem to be a bit inconsistent, though. I have a large that fits like an XL and an XL that fits like a medium. In any case, this medium Carly fits more like a small or XS. The sleeves are super tight and dig in where it meets my side. The fabric stretches really bad across the front, making it semi-transparent. The whole shape of it just looks odd on me at this size, which is not normal for Carlys for me. Given that this is an oddly-put-together Carly, I can’t say exactly when it might start fitting properly.

Third photo: This is an XL Julia dress. The Julia is one of the LLR pieces that run very small and you’re supposed to size up 1-2. I bought this one for the design (raglan sleeves!), sized up 1. Again, I can wear it, but it’s tight all through the top and it shows off every lump and curve. I look stuffed into it. This one will take the longest time to fit into of these three, the most weight to lose, but I’m hoping to be there by Nov/Dec when the weather is cool enough for these longer sleeves.

Then there are these two pieces, which I photographed together (though I’d never wear them that way – talk about pattern clash!). The shirt is an XL Randy. I have another one in this size that fits perfectly, but this one is very tight and shows off all my lumps, haha. (The picture looks much better than it does in real life, I promise! The shirt rides up with every step I take!) I’m hoping it’ll fit by the time late fall/early winter comes around.

The bottom is a 2XL Azure skirt. The Azure seems to be a weird piece. Recommendations all over the place is to size down, which would put me in an XL. I bought a 2XL (not pictured) just to be safe, and it fits, though slightly tighter than I like. Still, it’s wearable. So I went ahead and also got this 2XL in the patchwork design (one of my favorite LLR designs I’ve ever seen). Only when it came, the waist was at least two inches smaller than my other 2XL and the skirt was about two inches shorter as well. The only way I can wear this one is if I pull it all the way up to my bust-line! This, like the Julia, will take some time to truly fit into. But I definitely need to get there! It’s too awesome not to wear one day!

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4 Responses to Goal Clothes

  1. Ceri says:

    What a great idea. I have a ton of clothes that I’m keeping in my wardrobe that no longer fit but I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to squeeze back into comfortably (most of them are just way too tight atm). I like the idea of photographing how they look now as an inspiration to make them less snug. BTW, I LOVE that sunflower top.


  2. Trisha says:

    I love goals like this! And I’m with Ceri – that sunflower top is awesome.


  3. Amanda says:

    It’s funny – that sunflower top was a mystery. I didn’t choose it. One of the two people I mostly buy from is retiring this particular style of clothing (the Randy) and we could buy a mystery Randy to get free shipping and another free item. I love the Randy so I went ahead and did that, and this is what came for me – something I”d never pick for myself, but which I ended up loving!


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