2017 Goals

goals-300x225It’s that time of year! Time to decide what I want to accomplish in 2017. Last year, I didn’t make any goals, and I really regretted that. Even in years where I only focus on one section of my goals, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. Last year? Nothing. So this year, I’ve definitely made goals for myself! [Bracketed sections in italics indicate results.]

Health: For my health, I’d like to lose weight, improve my health numbers (especially my insulin levels), improve my strength, improve my nutrition, and redevelop regular exercise habits and routines. To do this, I plan to:

  • heal my ankle** [done]
  • do 100+ weight bearing workouts this year [about 80% complete]
  • spend the warmer months walking to complete the Appalachian trail on the Wii Fit U (687 more miles)** [done]
  • average 3+ fruits and veggies daily [done]
  • create and complete monthly challenges to improve nutrition and fitness [did this through May, after which my Summer of Nightmares interfered and life changed drastically]

[Overall in Health: I maintained my weight, improved health numbers (though I don’t know about my insulin), and made a small amount of progress toward redeveloping exercising habits. Otherwise, the crazy changes through the year disrupted my ability to complete anything more.]

**An MRI late in December showed that I didn’t just sprain my ankle (regardless of what the initial xrays said), but fractured the top nubbin of one of the larger foot bones (where the bruising is in the picture at the above link). It didn’t slide out of place, so it’s partially healed, but not nearly as healed as it should be given the time that’s passed, and is still not fully connected to the rest of the bone. For the next six months, I’m instructed to only do low-impact exercises (so the walking goal above will depend on how quickly the ankle heals), as well as a few other things that the doc hopes will finally heal this stupid thing. My goal to heal my ankle is mostly a commitment to the doc’s instructions.

Social: My goals this year will focus on two things – keeping up my strong current ties with friends and family in Texas, and creating new ties in my current location. To do this, I will:

  • participate in the Run 4 Hope 5K (an annual tradition with friends) in San Antonio [done-ish]
  • spend Christmas in San Antonio with family [moved back to SA…]
  • meet my newest nephew, Rory, in person [done]
  • send 25+ non-Christmas cards/letters [I forgot this was a goal]
  • go to 25+ new-to-me local places and/or events [done, then I moved away]
  • participate in NaNoWriMo here to find other local writers [moved away, didn’t participate in SA either]

[Overall in Social: I never did create any new ties in my then-current location, despite many attempts. But I moved back to San Antonio in August, so in the end, that didn’t matter. I continued to connect with friends and family in SA both before and after the move, plus I met with a few book bloggers for the first time this year.]

Writing: My goals are simple here – to redevelop regular writing habits. To help with this, I plan to work on edits for my current manuscript, write a second draft of one pending manuscript, and draft something entirely new during NaNoWriMo. While it’s not necessary, I’d love to get back to an average of at least 10K words monthly.

[I did absolutely nothing with my writing this year.]

Books: Another simple area, as I’m happy with my current book-and-blog life. This year, I’d like to make good progress into the Wheel of Time series, and get through my backlogged Audible queue.

[I read a few books into the Wheel of Time series before deciding that I didn’t want to continue, and I did indeed finish up everything in my backlogged Audible queue.]

Other: This category is a kind of everything else catch-all. Other things I’d like to accomplish in 2017:

  • get out of credit card debt [hahahahaha…no – another cross country move, lots of construction, and Jason’s job loss meant NO]
  • replace our roof [done]
  • finish our current weekend project list (house repairs/improvements) [done]
  • finish making my in-progress afghan [nope]
  • use up my current yarn inventory [not even close]
  • get two specific tattoos that I’ve been meaning to get for almost three years now [nope]
  • do 10 tarot readings (for myself or others) [if I count single-card daily readings, then this is a done, otherwise, only 6 readings done]

[Overall in Other: Extreme changes in plans this year meant that a big chunk of these goals were no longer valid, particularly ones related to money or time.]

Yes, that’s a lot of things, and no, I don’t expect to complete them all. I like having a plan and a structure, though, and I’ll do my best to complete as many of them as possible. To keep myself accountable, I’ll check in here quarterly. Wish me luck!

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Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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9 Responses to 2017 Goals

  1. czesiachet says:

    Your goals are awesome me! I love how you group them into different catergories!


  2. Kailana says:

    Lots of good things planned for 2017! Good luck with your goals!


  3. Amanda says:

    Thanks ladies!


  4. Kristen M. says:

    I definitely feel like you are a person who is more successful when you set goals so I’m glad to see you’ve done this! I think you’re going to have a great personal year. 🙂


  5. Michelle says:

    I think these are all completely achievable goals that make sense and are personal to you. Just one more step in the right direction for you. I will be cheering you on the entire time!


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