Sunday Coffee – First Quarter Goal Check-in

When I posted my goals for 2017, I said I’d check in quarterly. I imagine these check-ins are more for my own benefit than that of my readers, so I’ll try to keep things brief! (Yeah right, Manda…how about I include random kitten pictures to make this post squee-worthy instead??) Here’s how I’m doing thus far.

Health: For my health, I’d like to lose weight, improve my health numbers (especially my insulin levels), improve my strength, improve my nutrition, and redevelop regular exercise habits and routines. To do this, I plan to:

  • heal my ankle – I’ve done no high impact work and lots of yoga. Healing, but going slow
  • do 100+ weight bearing workouts this year – Completed 28 of these, mostly of the yoga variety
  • spend the warmer months walking to complete the Appalachian trail on the Wii Fit U (687 more miles) – The warm months are just starting to tease us, but I’ve completed 249 miles so far, leaving 438 to go
  • average 3+ fruits and veggies daily – Averaged 3.3 daily in the first quarter (3.8 in Jan, 3.0 in Feb, and 3.2 in March)
  • create and complete monthly challenges to improve nutrition and fitness – I’ve been generally failing here

Overall Results in Health: My health is still not great and my habits disorganized. I’ve gotten a bit stronger thanks to yoga, but otherwise life in general is interfering with any progress I wanted to make. I managed to maintain my weight in the first quarter, though “maintaining” actually means “losing a little until a medication change caused a big gain then managing to lose back to the original level.” Still, at least I’m no worse off now than I was on January 1st, and better off than I was mid-March!

Social: My goals this year will focus on two things – keeping up my strong current ties with friends and family in Texas, and creating new ties in my current location. To do this, I will:

  • participate in the Run 4 Hope 5K (an annual tradition with friends) in San Antonio – Went to SA for this and signed up, but had to skip the actual 5K due to weather and injury. I consider this complete, though!
  • spend Christmas in San Antonio with family – n/a
  • meet my newest nephew, Rory, in person – no chance yet
  • send 25+ non-Christmas cards/letters – Failing so far, with only three short things sent out
  • go to 25+ new-to-me local places and/or events – Already hit 13 new-to-me places!
  • participate in NaNoWriMo here to find other local writers – n/a

Overall Results in Social: I’m happy that I got to spend some time in San Antonio with friends and family. Old ties are going well. Not going as well in the new area. I keep trying to go out and do things, meet people, and still have yet to make a single friend, even of the casual variety. Sigh. The only place I feel I’m making a connection is at the Humane Society where I volunteer, and that’s with the animals. Sigh. Speaking of animals, though:

Writing: My goals are simple here – to redevelop regular writing habits. To help with this, I plan to work on edits for my current manuscript, write a second draft of one pending manuscript, and draft something entirely new during NaNoWriMo. While it’s not necessary, I’d love to get back to an average of at least 10K words monthly.

Results: I really have done absolutely nothing in the writing area. Part of that is due to a medication issue that I’m trying to find a doctor to work out, and part is due to my focus on other areas of my life. Honestly, I’m probably going to let go of this goal altogether while other things are at the forefront of life.

Books: Another simple area, as I’m happy with my current book-and-blog life. This year, I’d like to make good progress into the Wheel of Time series, and get through my backlogged Audible queue.

Results: I quit the Wheel of Time series midway through the fourth book. In Audible, I’ve either listened to or culled/returned all but one of my 2016 backlog. Of course, I’ve added a bit more since then…

Other: This category is a kind of everything else catch-all. Other things I’d like to accomplish in 2017:

  • get out of credit card debt – Not there yet, but almost. Huge progress made.
  • replace our roof – Thanks to that major windstorm that swept across the northern half of the country, much of this will be paid by insurance. Yay! We’ve found a roofer and begun the scheduling process. Should be this month, crossing our fingers.
  • finish our current weekend project list (house repairs/improvements) – About half completed
  • finish making my in-progress afghan – Very little progress as I’ve been mostly on a crocheting break
  • use up my current yarn inventory – Same
  • get two specific tattoos that I’ve been meaning to get for almost three years now – nope
  • do 10 tarot readings (for myself or others) – One down, nine to go – anyone want one?

Overall Results in Goals:
I’ve made some progress, hitting the right buttons but discovering that button-hitting isn’t helping toward the actual goals. I hope that makes sense. It’s like with my goal to discover new-to-me local places. I’m doing that, yeah, but doing so isn’t making me feel any more at home here, or connecting me to the area or other people. (Just cats – cue cute kitty pic!) The same has been happening with 2017’s One Word: Nurture. I’ve essentially forgotten the word even exists, and instead have found myself drawn more toward the word Cultivate (probably thanks to Yoga With Adriene). When I do remember longer-term goals, it’s Cultivate that comes to mind, and I’m okay with that. Unfortunately, I’m mostly drowned with everyday mundanities, and I’m not going forward no matter how hard I try. I’ll probably try to tweak these goals a bit and see if I can make better progress in the second quarter of 2017.

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6 Responses to Sunday Coffee – First Quarter Goal Check-in

  1. Michelle says:

    For what it is worth, I think you are making progress! I see these journeys of ours as 95 percent mental and 5 percent physical, and the fact that you are actively seeking to make improvements in your life is progress in and of itself. Think of how many people make New Year’s resolutions because it is the thing to do but fail to consider them again once made? So, I think every time we stop and evaluate our goals and our performance towards obtaining them, it is progress.


    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for saying that. I feel like I’m only mentally pushing maybe 25% of the time, heh, so maybe not as successful as all that. I wonder sometimes if I’m only wishing for improvements rather than trying to make them, you know?


  2. My mantra this year has been “keep swimming”!!! Keep plugging along and you’ll get there. Miss you bunches!


  3. Kristen M. says:

    I was coming in to say the same thing as Michelle. I also think you’re making progress just by keeping an active awareness of all of these things. Also, I hope you’re a bit like me and that a change in weather to spring/summer will be a motivator. As we pushed towards 60 degrees here in Seattle (finally got it today!), I started cleaning and am about halfway through a KonMari of my kitchen. It feels amazing to finally make some progress after months and months of stagnation. I just can’t get motivated in the winter.


    • Amanda says:

      Unfortunately it seems that the warming weather is showing me more and more than this is not the place I belong, and that makes a huge disconnect for me. Sigh. I’m doing my best, though…


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