Sunday Coffee – The Next Great Adventure

IMG_0336It’s been a long time since I posted on my personal blog, Boston Blooming. The reasons for this are twofold. First, the blog’s original intention was to catalog my family’s move from San Antonio to Boston, from the time we decided to move, all through the moving process, and then the adventures that unfolded once we were up here. After the move actually happened, I didn’t have much to talk about, especially after I reopened The Zen Leaf and began talking about books here. Eventually, I just had no reason to keep writing there. Which leads me to the second reason:

The Boston adventure has not worked out for us. I’m not going to go into great detail about the failure, to which there are many contributing factors. I will say that it was decided very early on that we would be moving back. As in, only about two to three months after we arrived. That decision has not changed in the months since.

So now, we are working on a reverse move – back to San Antonio. We’re working on a living situation (should be closing on a house on 6/15!), getting the boys back into their old schools, booking a rental truck, etc. Jason will be telecommuting for work – really good news, that he gets to stay with his job instead of changing – and we will be leaving for Texas at the end of June, after the boys are out of school.

I won’t say that everything about this move is wonderful, because that would be untrue. There are things that each of us will miss, but there are also many things to look forward to. Each of us have different mixed feelings about the situation. While I won’t discuss anyone else’s feelings, as those are private to them, I’ll say that for my part, I’m mostly looking forward to moving back home, to being back among familiar faces and places, among family and friends. This year has been a particularly difficult one for many of us, and the support of nearby family and friends will lift a little of the burdens we currently shoulder.

My apologies for the vagueries. I don’t wish to get any more personal than that. Over the upcoming couple months, I will likely be a bit sporadic here, due to both busyness elsewhere (packing, cleaning, etc) and due to actually being in transit (then of course unpacking, etc). Wish us luck!


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24 Responses to Sunday Coffee – The Next Great Adventure

  1. I did not realize when you said you got the house it was back in San Antonio. I think this will be really good for your family. Boston was a bit of a bust for you guys. I hope things settle down a bit once you move back. 🙂


  2. Jeanne says:

    I can’t imagine anyone loving Boston after getting to live in San Antonio.


  3. Best wishes for you all on your move back! I could never imagine leaving my home, so I imagine it must have been a difficult transition. It’s great that you tried it though… I seriously think it takes courage.


    • Amanda says:

      I’ve done it several times, particularly because I never felt connected to Texas before this last move. It definitely feels like home now, though.


  4. Adventures never seem to go away, do they? I’m sorry things didn’t work out, but am happy things are in motion for you to return to where you feel more at home and look forward to hearing about the new chapter in your lives.


  5. Trisha says:

    It’s too bad Boston didn’t work out, but I’m really excited that you guys get to move back instead of having to tough it out.


  6. M Denise C says:

    I admire you for making the attempt. I do not think I could bear a winter in the north. My best to you and your family.


  7. Trish says:

    Hugs sweet friend. Sounds like this is a mixed blessing but I hope it brings you much happiness!!


  8. Michelle says:

    Good luck to you all! At least you took a chance and discovered Boston wasn’t for you instead of wondering what if. I wish both Jason and you an uneventful and speedy close on your house and move. {{hugs}}


  9. Megan says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Boston was a bust for you guys but glad to hear you’ll be able to move back. It’s definitely tough to leave family and friends behind to start anew in a place where you don’t have that support system. I tried it once myself (also in Boston, ironically), but I couldn’t stick it out either even though I loved it up there. Home and family and familiarity won out for me in the end, and I’m sure it was the right decision for me in the long run. Hope everything goes smoothly with the move and that you’re happily resettled sometime soon!


    • Amanda says:

      I didn’t know you’d ever lived in Boston! I can’t say I love it up here – actually, I think of all of us, I’m the one who hates it here the most, and there’s really only ONE thing I’ll be sad to leave behind.


  10. gricel says:

    All the best to all of you! Hope you can find what you need.


  11. Shaina says:

    Best of luck! I know Boston has been a struggle, and I’m glad you have the flexibility to do what’s healthiest for you and your family. Bummed this means we won’t get to have a New England rendezvous, though! 😛

    We’ll be waiting here for when you’re less busy!


  12. kay says:

    Amanda, I wish you guys all the luck! I’m sorry to hear that Boston didn’t work for you, but glad to read your family has the opportunity to make it bettter. Internet hug!


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