Sunday Coffee – Beginnings

aug 24 2014

(the current state of my desk…)

This week has been a fun trip back down memory lane: Resurrecting The Zen Leaf. Back-posting my earliest reviews, from 2008. God, I was such a snob about modern fiction back then. A lot of those reviews were rather snarky, heh. At the same time, I have to admit that it was fun revisiting some of those old books. There were some I really loved that year. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. The Giver. Love Walked In. It was also fun to watch the transition from blogging with/for a small group, to discovering a whole wide world of book blogs.

I think my favorite thing about reading back through my oldest reviews, however, was seeing just how much my writing has changed since then. Even throughout the year – from my first posts, to posts written for the group blog and a handful of friends, to the discovery of a wider book-blogging audience – there was a lot of transition. As I said above, I was really a snob about a lot of things then, and hadn’t quite grown out of it yet. I also didn’t quite understand just how public blogging could be yet. Some things haven’t changed about the way I write, like the fact that I still write about books very personally rather than academically. In a lot of ways, though, I’ve matured a lot since then, in more than one way.

My first year of book blogging is now fully transferred to this new blog. I read 87 books that year, and reviewed most of them. Several reviews from that year have been lost (boo!), but all those I still have are now posted here. I’m looking forward to tackling early 2009 – when I began reading and reviewing books at a much faster pace – this upcoming week.

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4 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Beginnings

  1. kay says:

    Amanda!! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I noticed that little link to the Zen Leaf under your comment on my blog! That brought back a few memories for sure, I still remember your sort of greenish layout from back then… I think? haha!
    I’ll be following you – in a non-stalkerish way of course! 🙂


    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, there used to be a greenish one, then later a different one – actually, if you look at my About page, there’s a link to a post on why I resurrected TZL, and it has both headers on there. 😀


      • kay says:

        Ha thanks! I went and have a look, and realized I remembered both.
        Glad to have you back – though you were never really completely gone 🙂


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