Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell

attachmentsMy second book by Rainbow Rowell was not quite as good as the first, but still quite good. Attachments is an adult book, a story about two people who work at a small newspaper in late 1999. Lincoln is the IT security officer. He had no idea, when he applied for the job, that the job description meant he would be reading employees’ email and sending out notices warning them when they break email rules. It makes him feel like a voyeur, especially when emails between Jenny and Beth start getting flagged often, and he finds himself falling in love with Beth, despite never having seen her. Now, he’s in conflict. He wants to meet Beth, but how can he? How can he explain that he’s in love with her because his job is to read over her emails?

This was an interesting book. Chapters alternate between Lincoln’s story, and the series of emails between Jenny and Beth. I found Jenny and Beth far more interesting than Lincoln, who for a good chunk of the book, seemed a bit socially awkward and dull. Then, a change comes over his character after a certain revelation about Beth. So yeah, it’s weird – I do wish there hadn’t been such a change. It’s almost as if Rowell just barely realized who she wanted him to be at that point.

The whole book feels more painstakingly written than Fangirl did. I’ve read what Rowell wrote about the differences between the two, how she used to write slowly, agonizing over every word, and then Fangirl came along for NaNoWriMo and it was so freeing to just write and write and write. The difference between the two is definitely visible when reading.

Mostly, though, it was a fun book. I wish I could have gotten to know the Chris character better. I liked him, oddly, even though I doubt I’d want to know him in real life. I’m not sure I liked anyone else much by the end, despite enjoying their stories.

As a side note, I did think it was fun to read a book with a female character named Sam right after I finished writing one!

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