The Bitter Kingdom, by Rae Carson

11431896Installment three of this trilogy, after The Girl of Fire and Thorns, and The Crown of Embers.


What can I say? I think this is my new favorite series. There were definitely some flaws in this book, particularly with the plot, which seemed a bit random-pants in places for me. Kinda went all over the place. Other than that, though, I adored it.

Characters! I am so in love with these characters. We got to have a few chapters from Hector’s POV! Awesome! And I loved getting to know Storm even better, and meeting Red, and all the things that come full circle throughout the book. I love that Elisa ends up saving herself over and over, and gets saved a couple times, and does all this stuff with her magic – only to have her act of service be something so random and unmagical. I love that when she rescues herself, it’s because of all the physical combat she’s learned, rather than because of magic. I loved getting to see her sister again, and the way Storm fell for Alodia. I loved the way Hector and Elisa’s relationship came together.

There were some great moments in here. My favorite, the part that made me laugh out loud, was when Storm impersonates an animagus attacking a village. The quote goes:

More arrows spear the brightening sky. Storm’s voice booms across the tiny valley, menacing and curselike. He’s intoning something in the Lengua Classica. Then a giggle bubbles from my throat when I realize it’s a silly rhyme about poppy fields and drunk sheep.

It was such an unexpected bit of humor, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Awesome.

I loved the way this book ended. I loved seeing everyone’s stories wrapped up, and how it all worked out. I love that while this is a finished trilogy, there is room open for possible more stories in this world. Definitely putting this whole series on my wishlist!


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