The Uninvited, by Tim Wynne-Jones (audio)

uninvitedThis was an interesting book, and not at all what I expected. When I first saw it go through my library’s catalog, I expected it to be paranormal in some way, or like a ghost story. Instead, it was a psychological drama/thriller/mystery. It was still very gripping, and I loved the characters, loved it enough to listen to the entire audiobook in one day. The only marks against it were in the ending, which felt a little too rushed to me – I wanted to know more. But otherwise, it was a very enjoyable book, even if it’s not at all like what I was expecting.

Later: On later thoughts (after a few days), I do realize a couple other things bothered me. There was a bit too much gender stereotyping – such as the girls automatically going gaga over a very socially awkward guy just because he’s got muscles – and no resolution to the whole sibling/love-interest bits. Too many things (like the whole professor bit) were resolved too easily, or not at all. Still, these were all minor, and didn’t affect my enjoyment over all.

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