Every Day, by David Levithan

every dayDespite the fact that Levithan is generally very heavy-handed in his writing, I still tend to love every book I read by him. This one is no different. I agree with his views on the issues he gets heavy-handed about (gender identity, homophobia, religion used as a weapon against people, etc), so I can handle the soapbox moments. The book started a bit quick for me, our narrator falling in love from the very first moments. I would have preferred to see A live a few lives normally first. I felt like I’d skipped ahead and started three or four chapters in. Same with the ending – I would have preferred a bit more elaboration, rather than the quick stop. But other than these, I have no real complaints. It was a very engaging story with a unique premise, I liked the characters, and I loved seeing the perspective of one soul/body after another.


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