Sunday Coffee – So Covid Isn’t Fun

Good morning! I’m alive. Barely. Heh. No, honestly, things aren’t too bad. Covid wasn’t fun. I had a couple days of feeling like absolute garbage, and then I had a really severe reaction to the antiviral that nearly landed me in the ER again. But I survived that night and my doctor took me off the antiviral, so then I started to get better. At this point, it mostly feels like a long, lingering cold – coughing, sneezing, my lungs feel a bit like they’re filled with cotton like they do when you get bronchitis. It could have been much worse.

The weirdest thing about covid, at least for my experience, was the weird covid brain thing. People talk about brain fog, and there was some of that too, but mostly it was like I stopped forming short-term memories. Like, there was one day when I went to take some medicine, probably took it, left the bathroom, turned around to go back in to take the medicine, only I realized I’d probably just taken it, and I wasn’t sure. (This is VERY unusual for me!) Then there was this weird kind of neurological cross-fire thing going on, where I’d be thinking one thing, and I’d either say or type out something completely different. It was especially bad trying to type on my computer, because my fingers also couldn’t keep up with their normal typing speed, so the typos were ridiculous. Then on top of the typos would be random words thrown in that I didn’t think. Like, I may have been intending to type “covid brain” and what comes out is “covid table.” Like…what?? I’m glad that part at least is over!

Anyway, Jason and I are both on the mend. He worked from home Thursday and Friday, taking breaks during the day to rest as well. Our house is a wreck and we’re trying to catch up from not being able to grocery shop or wash dishes or look at our bills, etc. All in all, though, if we had to have covid, at least it was fairly mild and we made it through to the other side.


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  1. Melissa F. says:

    Glad you are both feeling better!

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