Quarantine Stuff 1/28/22

More insanity, more bullet points. Though not quite as much of either this week.

  • Weeks 2 and 3 of January added up to over 80K positive covid cases in SA. As of Tuesday the 25th, there were over 125k new cases in SA in 2022. That’s over a quarter of all cases reported here total for the entire pandemic.
  • People are asking health officials if we’re almost done with this surge yet. Their response is priceless: “The first surge of 2020 was eight weeks long. The second surge was 17-20 weeks long. The third was also about 17 weeks. Looking at the trends, this surge could last about 8-20 weeks. We are currently in the third week.” Followed by, “I would hesitate to say it’s coming to an end.” Bwhahahah!
  • Supplies of covid treatments, like antibody treatment and remdesivir, are running critically low.
  • The city provided the following chart comparing the surges we’ve had so far. One of these things is not like the others… –>
  • Positivity rate increased again this week, though only slightly. Last week it was something like 38.8% and now it’s 39.4%.
  • Covid patients are occupying 21% of all Texas hospital capacity. In San Antonio, it’s around 16%, so we’re on the low end (so far). But we’re also one of the latest to get hit with Omicron, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Yikes, I read a report that said diabetes in people under age 18 are on the rise in kids who had covid. CDC is reporting that if you’re under 18 and had covid, you’re 30% more likely to develop diabetes. That suuucks. Like everything else about this disease.

That’s about it. Mostly it’s more of the same. Numbers seem to be stabilizing around 5k-6k cases per day (holy hell, it’s crazy to say it’s “stabilizing” at more than double the highest peak of 2021…), so at least it’s not continuing up exponentially any longer. This weekend, I’m actually planning to go on a group hike again, and then possibly carpool for a close-friends hike further away from town – first time getting together with people since early in the month. Maybe the big O will buck the 8-20 week trend, going up much, much faster, and crashing down just as quickly. Who knows? Either way, I’ll be glad to stop writing myself these little updates…

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