Sunday Coffee – 100 Happy Days, Fini

My attempt to find the happy for 100 days in a row is now over, as of 12/9. This has been a very trying time for me, and I admit that the project helped provide a little distraction. For that, I’m grateful. Just as I’ve done over the last three quarters of my little challenge, I’m posting this to highlight a few photos from the final quarter. The dates on that quarter ran from November 15th to December 9th. In no particular order:

From 12/3 – My first Lensbaby arrived this day (a Lensbaby Velvet 56) and I wanted to shoot a few photos to get an idea of what it performed like. You can do much cooler things with these lenses, but I loved how even this simple photo came out. There’s no editing on my part – the softness is from the lens itself. Angus looks so beautiful here, and it made me so incredibly happy to get have this lens!

From 11/15 – This red admiral butterfly has taken up permanent residence in and around our succulent garden. Those rocks make a perfect sunning spot!

From 12/9 – Gherkin and Atticus cuddle. They make me so happy!

From 11/26 – Santa pencil! So you can’t see his whole body, but this is one of the boys’ favorite ornaments. It comes from sometime in Jason’s childhood, inherited as he left home to live on his own. It’s literally a Santa with a long, long, pointed-tip body that looks like a faux version of being carved out of a pencil. Every year, the boys hang this one at the bottom of the tree so that it’s almost touching the ground, purposely to tempt the cats. (Though they put it up higher this year, as they don’t actually want it to be destroyed.)

From 11/17 – Another photo of the mini-succulents thriving in our zen garden! Yes, every time I go down to the garden, it makes me happy.

C’est fini! The full 100 photos are available at my Instagram, or in a dedicated album on Facebook. I plan to get a printed photo book of them as a kind of time capsule, the same as in past 100 happy day challenges.

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