The Lost Gargoyle of Paris, by Gigi Pandian (audio)

After the Notre Dame fire, a document supposedly drawn by Victor Hugo is discovered inside some of the wrecked walls of the cathedral. Fearing that this document might be stolen and used by backward alchemists, Zoe Faust and Dorian travel to Paris to make sure all is well.

Years back, I took a chance on a cheap audiobook from Audible called The Accidental Alchemist. From there, I fell in love with this story, and have listened to each new volume as it comes out. A few weeks back, this novella – numbered 4.5 in the series – popped up on my radar, and I looked it up. From there, I discovered that Book 5 in the series came out this past October, and this little novella had been around since 2020! It’s been 2.5 years since I read the last book of the series, so the novella was a great way to ease back into the story-arc. Now I’m all set to listen to the last one!

As usual with this series, the story was awesome, with a great narrator (Julia Motyka), and I enjoyed every minute. It’s a great series, and I definitely recommend starting with The Accidental Alchemist. Best Audible gamble I’ve ever made, honestly. This series is a hidden gem that I’ll never stop raving about!

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