Quarantine Diaries – Weeks 83-85

So I’ll be honest. There’s been very little news. We’re in a lull portion of the waves of this pandemic. Not much to report. I’m sure there’ll be another upswing again with people refusing to get vaccinated. Another variant will come roaring in and upend everything. In the meantime, I’m once again closing out this series the way I did in June. Maybe in a month I’ll start again, or maybe I won’t have to. Who knows? But as for now, this is the news from the last three weeks.

Week 83 – Oct 8 – 14
Week 84 – Oct 15 – 21
Week 85 – Oct 22 – 28

The following numbers are current, and I’m not going to backdate them with three individual weeks’ worth of data. Things have been calm and steady enough to combine the info. All numbers are as of 10/28 unless otherwise specified.

  • Cases: 321,013 (+6,828 in three weeks)
  • Deaths: 4,814 (+255 in three weeks)
  • Seven-day rolling average: 200
  • Positivity rate: 1.9%
  • Cases per 100k: 12
  • Hospitalizations: 241 patients; 100 in ICU
  • Vaccinations: 92% eligible and 76% total population have one dose; 76% eligible and 64% total population are fully vaxxed

(I forgot to track the numbers from our school these last few weeks.)

The biggest news from the last few weeks is another move by Abbott to become Dictator of Texas. All that stuff about how government shouldn’t control businesses? Yeah that only works for Abbott if the government control is doing things he doesn’t like. Literally, in August he said, “Private businesses don’t need government running their business,” and then he put out an order this month that prohibits ALL private businesses in Texas from vaccine mandates. This is, of course, in direct contradiction to the new federal mandates that say vaccine mandates are a requirement for any business with 100+ employees. As you might imagine, lawsuits are already flying everywhere, and frankly, a lot of businesses in TX already gave Abbott a one-fingered salute and said they would ignore him. He’s a f-cking embarrassment to the state and the country. VOTE HIM OUT. Ugh.

He’s also called a special session to pass a law to this effect, after which he’ll rescind his “emergency” order. And the special session will pass it, because the GoP controls every part of TX government, due to gerrymandering. (Which has, off-topic, now gotten worse, after the government voted to change the lines to give heavily democratic areas and populations of color less of a say in representatives. That, also, has been pelted with a bajillion lawsuits.)

Not much else beyond that in the news. The TX Supreme Court temporarily blocked SAISD’s vaccine mandate just hours before it would go into effect, pending trial outcome. Local covid briefings have dropped down to once a week. Jail inmates are getting a $100 commissary card incentive for getting vaccinated, and that is working very well as an incentive. Mix-and-match covid boosters have been approved, and many of my friends are getting theirs. Kids’ vaccines are coming very soon. And there’s studies on a new anti-viral pill that might help combat covid cases, which is good news.

Closer to home, there’s also not much news, but the news I do have is sad. I mentioned a few posts back that a friend’s loved one was in the hospital with covid pneumonia despite being fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, that loved one passed away early this month. This was a completely preventable death, if people had just gotten their damn vaccines, which makes it even more tragic. I also heard from a cousin this month. She’s so immunocompromised that her doctor got her both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine back in the spring, even though she’d already had covid in January. And with all that, she got covid again last month. This. This is why people need to get the vaccine – because people like her are so susceptible.

But, you know, you can’t make people be kind. You can’t make them want to do the right thing. And this is where the divide in our country comes from: the people on one side saying that this is why we need to force the right thing (or at least make it very difficult not to do the right thing, with vaccine mandates in businesses, and vaccine passports, etc); and the people on the other side who say we should all have the freedom to be a$$holes if we want to be. Eyeroll.

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