In Search of Elsewhere, by Steve McCurry

Subtitled: Unseen Images

The cover of this photography book is so striking that I had to check it out from my library on the very first day I was let back inside to browse. The book is mostly made up of photos, with quotes and poems scattered throughout. The photos come from all around the world over roughly 40 years of time. I loved quite a number of the photos – my favorites listed below – and it wasn’t until after I’d finished the book that I discovered that McCurry is the photographer behind the famous Afghan Girl photo. Huh. There isn’t much more to say, and I don’t want to post any photos beyond the cover re: copyright issues, but if you see a copy of this one around, take a look through it! McCurry is a phenomenal photographer with a real eye for capturing the world around us.


  • a Vietnamese farmer riding a motorcycle laden with bags of live ducks, from 2019; pages 74-75
  • a Nepalese girl sheltering under a ragged makeshift umbrella, from 1983; page 79
  • the silhouette of a runner and his (much larger) shadow on rocks under low sun, from 2009 in Brazil; pages 148-149 (this is probably my favorite of the favorites)

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