Recap: Winter Bucket List

Gotta start this post honestly: While I loved my summer and autumn goal challenges, I just wasn’t feeling it for this winter one. It’s likely because I don’t really have dedicated time block to feel “winter” and “spring” the way I do the other two. Plus, this is the time of year when I make my yearly goals and such. So a lot of this fell by the wayside, since a lot of it was quite arbitrary when it drew it up. Shrug. In any case, I split the post below into those goals I completed, partially completed, and didn’t do.

Finished: 14 of 20

Walk/hike a new-to-me park/area: Walked both sides of Hardberger Park, as well as the new land bridge connecting them, on 12/23. Other new-to-me areas include Denman Estate Park (gorgeous!), Lockhart State Park, Inks Lake State Park, and Friedrich Wilderness Park.

(Denman Estate Park)

Fireside night with the fam: Christmas Eve with the family, including some extended family (distantly, with masks).

Finalize my 2021 goals: done 12/27

Support a local/small business: first done 12/27 with Lucky Sew & Sew. Additional small/local businesses used during this time period (and which deserve lots of love!) include Bluebonnet Cafe, Uye Surana, Girlfriend Collective, Milberger’s Nursery, Aphrodite’s Closet, Pesto Ristorante, Knight Watch, and Instant Donuts.

Do a personal tarot reading for 2021: Two of them, actually. One was focused on what I need to know going forward. The other was more time-based (yearly, quarterly, monthly). 12/27

Create a 2021 vision board: done 12/30

KonMari catch-up of my room/clothes: done 1/2

Run the ASPCA 5K: done 1/14 – two weeks later than it was supposed to be done, but better late than never, yeah?

Give blood: donated on 1/26

Walk the wiggly sidewalk: done 1/27

Host a personal (at home, just us) Super Bowl party: chili dogs, queso, chips, cake, booing at Tom Brady because he really needs to just retire and get out now… (ha!) 2/7

Use up 10+ cubes of scented wax: done 2/13

Zero out my podcast backlog: done 2/16 (thank you rolling blackouts!)

Build the wall around the front tree: done 2/22

Partial Completion: 4 of 20

Complete YWA Breath: I’d finished the first 12 days of this when I realized that I just wasn’t into this particular series. I didn’t want to force myself into something purely to reach a goal (though I did continue yoga more generally, because it’s good for me!). In the end, I completed 14 of 30 days.

Update my bucket list: Instead, I decided to make myself a shorter-term bucket list in my 50 x 50 project.

Catch up on backlogged medical appointments (2+): One of those appointments got scheduled in this time, but it’s with a specialist so the appointment itself isn’t until later in March. Another was put on hold until after my April bloodwork. Otherwise, I did no work on this, as I decided to wait until after my covid-vaccines were up to fully working beforehand.

Learn more about photography: Well, yes, I definitely learned a lot about photography during this time, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg and not nearly as much as I would have liked to due to a delay in getting a camera with manual mode. So I’m considering this a partial completion.

(turns out I like to take photos of small details)

Didn’t Do: 2 of 20

Volunteer at the library: This was an “if allowed” goal, but the library has still never opened up to volunteers so I couldn’t complete it.

Read 1+ of the Sanderson drafts I have waiting for me: I started this, but realized that I didn’t want to read early drafts of books I’ve read, with non-canon information that might change the way I thought of these books. As much as I’d love to study the evolution of these books, I like them too much to change them around in my head.

So that’s not too bad, really, for this go-round. I’m going to be more moderate (aka small list) for my spring goals, whenever I get around to drawing those up!

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