Wellness Wednesday – Hiking Bingo

Hey look! I updated my Wellness Wednesday button for the first time in nearly six years, haha!

Back in early 2020, I put together a Running Bingo for myself, based on official running events. (Of course, I had no idea that covid would essentially make all running events virtual from mid-March on, but hey…) While I haven’t been able to fill out much of that Bingo yet re: covid, I really enjoy the concept and decided to put together a similar hiking version for myself. Of course, there aren’t really “official hiking events” like there are 5Ks and such, so this is a Bingo that is entirely based on day-to-day hikes. They can be done individually or with others. The only rule is no category repeats – I can’t use one hike to cross off two different categories.

I can take as many years as I want to fill out this board, but honestly, I’m hoping to fill it out in a shorter time – potentially by the end of 2022 if travel resumes at some point. The categories, listed below, range in difficulty, and there’s no backdating previous hikes. This bingo started on Feb 1, 2021. I’ll keep track of individual dates on the list below, and periodically update this post with a larger photo of the board with hikes crossed out.

Complete: 23 of 25

  1. Family hike – 8/29/21
  2. With a friend – 2/21/21
  3. State park – 2/27/21
  4. Easy hike – 3/27/21
  5. Themed hike – 4/2/21 (wildflower!)
  6. Travel 3+ hours away from home – 9/26/21
  7. Journaling hike – 4/11/21
  8. New-to-me place – 4/3/21
  9. National park – 9/28/21
  10. Group hike – 4/17/21
  11. Winter hike – 2/15/21
  12. Double loop – 3/7/21
  13. Freebie – 4/21/21
  14. A hike with a picnic
  15. Over a bridge or through water – 2/20/21
  16. A well-known-to-me trail – 2/18/21
  17. Medium hike – 3/12/21
  18. With a pet (yours or someone else’s) – 3/13/21
  19. Lead a hike – 5/2/21
  20. Difficult hike – 3/18/21
  21. With a newbie – 4/10/21
  22. Overnight trip – 9/25/21
  23. Hike 5+ miles
  24. Hike in another state – 9/29/21
  25. Summer hike – 8/14/21

(as of 10/1/21)

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Writing. Family. Books. Crochet. Fitness. Fashion. Fun. Not necessarily in that order. Note: agender (she/her).
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