Find Me, by Anne Frasier (audio)

When a notorious serial killer offers to lead detective Daniel Ellis to the bodies of his victims, the investigator is willing to provide anything the man wants. Daniel believes his mother is one of the killer’s victims, and wants closure 30 years after she disappeared. But one of the stipulations of this outing is that the killer wants to see his daughter, Reni Fisher, who was once used as bait in his killing sprees, and who has to overcome the trauma of her childhood to grant this wish.

This book popped up as an Audible daily deal, and it looked interesting enough to spend five bucks on. As far as mysteries/thrillers/crime novels go, it was on the better side. The psychology was well-researched. The various Stuff that happens unfolded gradually and without any exploitative vibes. There were some twists, but nothing too unexpected or out of character. It won’t be a book that’ll stick with me forever or anything, but it was a fun listen and provided a change of pace as I work my way through a second read of Rhythm of War. (Sometimes, a nearly-60-hour audiobook just needs to be broken up into different listens!)

Performance: Erin Bennett narrates the audiobook, and does a good job. It’s my first listen by her, and I have no complaints.

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