Sunday Coffee – Favorite Photos of November

Hello everyone! I didn’t take quite as many photos this month as usual, but still found a dozen that I really love.

Left to right: sun shining through a tree at Lost Maples; Atticus and Jojo (my two bonded kitties) cuddled up for sleep; a plane flies over the trail by Salado Creek Greenway

Left to right: wet autumn leaf; cozy morning coffee; shadow in the new garden

Top left: Gavroche gives me a long-suffering look as Atticus tries to steal his spot on the windowsill. Bottom left: Fellow hiker Jennine pretends to be stuck in a crevice at Lost Maples. Right: new plants for the new garden

Left to right: someone stacked a cairn at the entry to the clearing with the giant tree, and spiderwebs trailed off it; the most Texan Christmas ornament ever (Santa mariachi with bobble legs, ha!); home as the sun begins to set

All the above photos were taken by me and unfiltered. However, I can’t not include this next photo, which Jason took of us with my camera – he has longer arms, heh – on Thanksgiving. We don’t get a lot of good photos together, but this one is just awesome!

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Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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  1. That last one of you and Jason is really awesome. Thank God for his long arms. 🙂

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