Sunday Coffee – Favorite Photos of September

Back again to share my favorite photos in September. As always, these photos are taken by me and unfiltered. They aren’t necessarily great photography, just photos that I love for one reason or another.

Left to right: pumpkins! I really love the color in these; Atticus looking all cute as he drapes himself over the edge of the piano; a false daylily popped up through the tines of a cactus – and every single person on that particular hike stopped to take a picture of it!

Top left: tough hikers! I love these ladies so much. Bottom left: some of my favorite Halloween decorations, including 2019’s yoga skeletons, a very old Halloween snow-globe, and some LED “candles” that Nat gave me since I can’t have real candles with the cats. Right: shadow after my most recent 5K.

Left to right: my new F**k Trump lipstick!; sunset over Comanche Lookout Park; Atticus curling up on the crocheted hats in the basket on top of my dresser (cats do love yarn art!)

Left to right: Gavroche enjoying the new carpet; a stack of mushrooms along a rock border in the front yard; brown boots! (which as of now, have yet to be worn because it’s still not cool enough during the day!)

See y’all next month. Hopefully there will be lots of fun fall pics to share!

About Amanda

Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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2 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Favorite Photos of September

  1. Love the cat photos, of course, especially of Atticus at the top. Look forward to the fall photos from you.


    • Amanda says:

      Keep in mind that they’ll be San Antonio fall, which generally means that we might have a day or two of changing leaf colors, often in November, before a windstorm or four strip all the leaves from all the trees before we have a chance to get any pretty color. Ha!

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