October 2019 in Review

Well. October started off with a BANG – Morrigan got his ship date from the Navy, set for the 10th. In lightning fast time, we’d thrown him an early birthday party, and he’d dealt with job, bank account, packing, etc. We dropped him off with his recruiter on the 9th, and saw his swearing in ceremony on the 10th. Then he was off, and suddenly we were a family of four at home. It was a surreal whirlwind that first half of the month, and before my brain could fully catch up, Morrigan was being medically discharged and prepped to come home. Poor kid.

On top of that, we’ve been working flat-out on getting our house ready to sell and trying to find a new place to live, so the entire month has passed in a haze of crazy. In good news, some of that crazy has paid off, and we’ve entered contract negotiations on a new house. Irony: It’s literally on the same street as our current home, just all the way at the other end of the neighborhood (about a half-mile away). Heh. If all goes well (with inspections etc), we’ll close in early December. Now we just need to get our current place on the market ASAP so there’s not too much overlap in mortgage payments, right?

According to my reading log, I read five books this month. I remember them, kinda. It’s hard to pick a favorite in a month where your brain was elsewhere for every read, but I’d have to guess Tunnel of Bones at present. This may change in the future as certain books end up with sticking power and others don’t, or as I reread.

October was the month for seeing movies that have been sitting on my list for months: The Sun is Also a Star (pretty good), MIB International (really cute), Spider-Man: Far From Home (hilarious), and Photograph (good until the bizarre ending). I also watched an adaptation of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, which I read last month, and which followed the book really well. And of course, Hocus Pocus, because October.

It was obviously a big one for house projects this month. We:

  1. repaired, textured, and painted the damaged parts of the master bedroom wall (holes from bookshelf installation)
  2. replaced the floor tile in the downstairs bathroom
  3. repaired the back deck, repainting in progress
  4. primed and repainted the boys’ bathroom (Note: I hate painting. –> ) (Also note: we were covering up that insane blue, not the other way around.)
  5. replaced the shower tile in the master bathroom
  6. continued to attack new chinaberry growth in the front garden, plus cleaned up the front garden from fall leaf drop (in progress, continually)
  7. packed up non-essentials to strip the house down to show-condition (in progress)

It’s been all-encompassing and constant go-go-go this month. Oy. We still have a bit of work to go, plus general paint touch-ups around the house, thorough scrubbing up to make everything tidy and lovely, etc. The goal is to have everything done ASAP – the sooner our house goes on the market, the less overlap we’ll have with the new house. Fingers crossed.

Ha ha ha. Yeah right. This is on the back burner of the back burner. I did get new blood test results, and as it turns out, eating higher carbs for six months means that my fasting glucose has dropped from the high end of normal to the low end, and my A1C is lower than it’s been since I was thin. So yeah, eating MORE carbs has stabilized and improved my blood sugar. Go figure, right? On the reverse side, all the house projects have given me severe sciatica, which I haven’t experienced since my three pregnancies all those years ago. Oy. This is not making the work very easy, and I feel really frustrated when I have to sit out while everyone else works. I don’t like being idle!!

Highlights of October
October wasn’t a dark month so much as a rollercoaster month. Here were the brightest spots.

  • Jason is getting his name on a patent, which is awesome! He doesn’t own the patent, but still! Plus, he might be getting some bonuses along the patent process, which would be awesome.
  • We had our first cool front, FINALLY, and by the end of the month, a full-blown COLD front!
  • I got to dress as Halloween Personified one day, haha!
  • Laurence performed excellently in his current play, especially given that the cast had literally three weeks to learn everything they needed to know!
  • Ambrose made homecoming royalty court (though sadly, he didn’t win King)
  • a girls’ outing to a Paint Your Pet night at Painting With a Twist, where we all got to paint our babies – it was Gavroche’s turn to be painted in my household
  • Our orchid bloomed again unexpectedly soon!

Coming up in November
I don’t know. It was supposed to be our cruise vacation, but we had to cancel that. So Thanksgiving, I suppose, and figuring out what Morrigan will try next, and (fingers crossed again) getting our house on the market. Everything is so up in the air right now with so many drastic changes! Funny, I was originally planning to try to get back to NaNoWriMo this year. Um…no. Not under these conditions!

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