RIP XIV Wrap-up

It’s been an awesome challenge, y’all! Let me just start with that. I had a HUGE list of potential books on my original Readers Imbibing Peril list – nineteen total. Of those, I read eight, culled eight, and was unable to get to three due to various circumstances. However, I didn’t only read eight books – I read a total of twenty-one books for RIP this year. Most of them were in September, more than half belonged to a single series, and all but three were books I really enjoyed. I discovered two new series to read and love, and a new favorite author. The only thing that could have made the RIP season better was if I could have gotten to those remaining three books.

I don’t know that I could choose a favorite book from RIP, so instead, I’ll give a few favorite-ish choices:

Grave Importance by Vivian Shaw – This is the third book of a series that I began last year and possibly the best of them so far.

the entire Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths – There were a few books here and there that didn’t work as well for me, but as a whole, this series was off-the-charts amazing and I sped through all eleven currently-published books.

City of Ghosts; Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab – It’s so rare for me to come across middle-grade books that I just love, but these hit all the right notes.

I can’t wait to see what RIP XV brings next year, and as always, thanks to the hosts of this best reading event of the year!!

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