In a Dark, Dark Wood, by Ruth Ware (audio)

Nora hasn’t seen Clare since high school, but ten years on, she’s invited to her bachelorette party. Reluctant, Nora attends – but things are not as they seem, and as the creep factor ramps up, someone may die…

This was the perfect little opener for RIP, even though with all things balanced, the book was just okay for me. It’s my fourth read by Ware and it’s another of those almost-great-but-not-quite books. There’s one teeny tiny detail that moved the book from awesome to unbelievable for me, a detail that the reader can be expected not to pick up on, but the narrator surely would have. Other than that, though, it was a fun romp that I sped through, inventing things I could do in order to keep listening to the audiobook (read well by Imogen Church). In that regard, it was a lot of fun, and a great start to my RIP season.

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