The Lying Game, by Ruth Ware

Nearly two decades ago, four girls became fast friends at a boarding school. They kept up the Lying Game, earning a reputation for deceit, and isolating themselves from the rest of the school. Their lies were mostly harmless…until they weren’t, until the lies became secrets they had to keep for the next two decades, when those secrets start to unravel…

This was an interesting thriller because it was less about the mystery (who did it) and more about the psychological impact of lies and secrecy. The characters were well-drawn, if a little typical, and the book was perfectly paced for a good afternoon read. This was my third read from Ruth Ware, and falls smack in between the other two (The Woman in Cabin 10, which I really disliked, and The Death of Mrs Westaway, which I really loved) in terms of enjoyment. Honestly, I think I read it too fast for it to make a long-lasting impression on me, but it was exactly what I needed when I read it, and I call that a win.

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