Sunday Coffee – Enter Chaos

It’s no secret that I don’t do well on chaos. I thrive on organization, routine, and predictability. I don’t mind a bit of whimsy or change, but I don’t function well in environments that are pure chaos. The boys have been out of school for less than two weeks, and already, pure chaos is what I’ve got.

This week was graduation, then finding out that Jason’s parents’ RV can’t be fixed for a week or two, then Morrigan’s oral surgery. Some days we had people over. Some days I played chauffeur and drove kids back and forth between places. Some days I was on constant nurse duty. Exercise routines – yeah right! Eating schedules? Nope. Paperwork and errands? Postponed. My desk looks like something exploded onto it. My email is overflowing. The living room is currently functioning as Morrigan’s bedroom. Nothing is where it belongs, and most days I’m avoiding my computer, my desk, and almost every part of the house.

So I tell myself: This is temporary. Tomorrow, Laurence starts summer school, which will put a bit of organized routine back in our days. Jason’s surgery is scheduled, so I know which weeks I’ll be a nurse/single mom, and can plan for them. Starting in mid-July, there are no more medical procedures upcoming, and we have about a month of summer-normal until it’s time for school to start again. I have about a month of chaos to make it through. I can do this.

Lists are my friends. Lists will get me through this without cracking. Plus coffee. Fingers crossed, everyone!

PS – Morrigan’s oral surgery went swimmingly and he’s pretty much back to normal already.

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3 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Enter Chaos

  1. Glad to hear Morrigan’s surgery went well and…now on the next one, but I have faith in you and Jason and your family that you will make it.


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