The Winters, by Lisa Gabriele

Getting in a last quick mini-review before the year ends! This book is a retelling of Rebecca updated to modern times and with a stepdaughter, Dani, instead of a Mrs Danvers. Rebecca was of course a loose retelling of Jane Eyre, so the cycle continues! The book was enjoyable, and I liked how much of the original Rebecca that Gabriele tried to capture, without trying to just retell the entire story verbatim. The only thing that didn’t wholly translate over was the gothic atmosphere of the original. I would not consider this one a RIP book, just an ominous warning tale of the woman who couldn’t tell what she was getting into before it was too late. So as far as the three books go, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as either of the classics it was built on, but it was a fun, light mystery to end 2018.

PS – Now I want to reread Rebecca! It’s been over nine years now! I think this will be a project for RIP next fall.

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