October in Review

Normally, I love October. It’s the month where I start to feel alive again after six months of perpetual heat-hell (aka summer), and I start wanting to go out and Do All The Things. Unfortunately, this year we were still playing catchup. We spent most of the month dealing with the rest of the fallout from September’s house explosion: putting back together the yard as much as possible, rebuilding the guest bathroom in a very rudimentary way (it’ll have to be professionally redone in a few years), that sort of thing. There was also a lot of attention to health hiccups for both Jason and me, and a lot of Morrigan-related milestones (more on that below). At least that last part was good! And Halloween, of course. That was fun. Things went relatively smoothly given everything that was stuffed into the month, but I admit that we’re all pretty exhausted and looking forward to a bit of downtime. Fingers crossed (see below). I also admit that I missed that come-alive feeling this year. Oh well.

(Summer Santa & the Skeleton)

In sad news, a new leak appeared on our kitchen ceiling last week, in the same place as before. Once again, despite replacing that section of our roof three times, the roofers did an inadequate job, and we had to go back to our insurance AGAIN. Sigh. They came out with the roofers on Tuesday and decided that this time it was the roofer’s liability, so they’ll have to come out and replace the roof a fourth time and repair the internal damage. Nothing out of pocket for us at least, whew, though having these same inadequate people do the job again seems a mistake. Anyway. Since the roofers agreed to do this in front of our insurance company, I hope it’ll happen without a fuss like they kicked up this summer. Still, I feel like we’re playing a “how many times can we replace our roof” game this year, and I’m sick of it!! At least this time, the damage to the kitchen should cause no disruption in terms of usability!

What goals? Honestly, I’m mostly done with my goals this year. I have a few left on my original list, but the ones left are unlikely to be done before the end of 2018. I’m working on those on my 40×40 list, though. Half of those are complete, with a couple that are a fail, but I have quite some ways to go considering there’s only four months left of the time limit! I guess I need to get on it!

This was one of those good news bad news months. Found a lump in my breast, turned out to be nothing, had good blood test results at my checkup, but need a brain MRI for anosmia. (Still waiting to hear back on that.) I’ve been trying to keep my nutrition, sleep, anxiety, and fitness relatively stable and in control despite all the ups and downs. General stats for the month include 23 days of exercise for a total of 18.5 hours; 11 yoga sessions; and 35 miles walked/run. In food, I tracked my calories fairly faithfully (all but four days, mostly when I was sick) and had a total monthly deficit equal to 3.7 lbs. I bumped up my fruit-and-veggie intake as well, and tried to keep my processed food to a minimum, not always usually successfully, heh.

My weight has slowly gone down throughout the month, and I mean SLOWLY, but I’m happy that the general trend is downwards again! Total loss for October is 3 lbs, and total loss since I got home from vacation (Sept 23rd) is 5.5 lbs. I’m including that particular number here because I have a specific date penciled into my calendar (Nov 23, 2019 – 14 months from the day we got home from our cruise – more on that in a future post) and I want to see just how much I can accomplish during that time.

You know when you have a bunch of books on order from the library for months, and they don’t come in, and they don’t come in, and then suddenly they all come in at the same time? That’s how October started for me – over a dozen books arriving simultaneously. Unfortunately my interest in books took a nosedive at the beginning of the month, which didn’t bode well with receiving a dozen at a time! Sure, there were still books I wanted to read, but I didn’t feel a real connection to my current list. Usually this heralds a switch to a different genre of interest for a time. Nonfiction seems to be next up – at least it’s what I’m craving – so I plan to unofficially participate in Nonfiction November.

Highlights of October:
This month’s highlights were basically all about Morrigan, my oldest son. He turned 18, he voted for the first time, he got into his first-choice college, and he got recognized at his school (with a special breakfast and at a football halftime) as one of four students at his school to achieve National Commended Scholar. We also finally got some decent senior photos in for him. (The people who did it through the school were awful, not to mention outrageously expensive. Nope.) Other than all the Morrigan-based celebrations, here’s what I’ve got this month for highlights:

  • xeriscaping began anew – chopping down our chinaberry trees, redesigning part of the yard, rebuilding the path from the street to the door (yay!), extensive work on drainage to prevent more erosion
  • finally found some decent plus-size bras and sports bras
  • seeing A Simple Favor in theatre with my cousin Gina, and later a second time with my friends Stephanie and Liza
  • getting to see Liza, who was in town for a week from Colorado
  • watching Leave No Trace, which was a beautiful movie
  • getting those skeletons up in our ripped-up yard for Halloween, and generally getting a lot of decor up inside and out
  • participating in the awesome 0.5k for the Rape Crisis Center
  • dressing up for Halloween (and especially seeing Ambrose’s “summer Santa” costume!)

Coming up in November:
For years and years, I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), so I still consider it my “normal” November. Since we moved to Boston, however, I haven’t really participated. Twice, I didn’t even sign up, and this year is the same. I’m not sure if it’s me or the event or what, but I just don’t feel it these days. Maybe I’ll come back to it eventually. Instead, I imagine my focus will continue to be on health, fitness, and getting my house/life back in order, hopefully all with improving results this month!

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6 Responses to October in Review

  1. Overall, though, seems good things and memories for the month outweigh the bad.?? But sometimes it does still seem life doesn’t get any easier. I understand…we just have to try to stay positive despite all the negativity.


  2. Trisha says:

    Congrats on the 3 / 5.5 pounds. I’m definitely a celebrate every victory in the fitness realm. I hope things start to slow down for you and everything gets in order.


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