Wellness Wednesday – Walking and Yoga

Walking and yoga are my two favorite kinds of exercise. Dancing and running fall second in line, but walking and yoga take precedence. However, I discovered something important  over the last six months.

About this time last year, my walking increased. No surprise – it was suddenly cool enough to walk outside again. Starting in November, I added yoga back in after not really doing much of it for quite some time. From then until May, I averaged 20-25 yoga workouts per month – almost every day. In May, those numbers trailed off, and stayed really low through the summer. Some of that was due to construction – I couldn’t do yoga with construction supplies covering my bedroom floor, or while I had people here working on my house! But the trailing off began before that, and it took me until recently to realize why.

During the cooler months, I start off my day with yoga, and then go for a walk afterwards, giving it time to warm up a little outside. The yoga gets my body ready for walking, and the walk feels really good. Once late spring arrives and it gets too warm to walk mid-morning, I start off my day with the walk, and then I do yoga. Only the walk is always a bit stiff because it takes awhile to warm my muscles up, and because of that stiffness, I have to push a bit harder. And when I push a bit harder, I’m a bit more tired when I get home, and my muscles are already exhausted before I start my yoga video for the day. I’m consequently left fatigued, unable to do many of the poses that I normally have no trouble with, and then I don’t enjoy the yoga at all. Most of the time, I just end up skipping the yoga, which is no good.

There isn’t a good solution to this. If I want to walk during the summer, I’ll just have to endure or skip yoga, or I’ll have to alternate yoga and walking days. I don’t want to give either of them up entirely. Thankfully, the time has arrived when mid-morning walks are possible again (assuming the rain ever stops!), and I can go back to my preferred schedule. I am so, so happy that the next six months will be far more pleasant in terms of exercise! Hopefully next summer, I’ll have a better solution to balance my favorite workouts!

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Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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