September in Review

Okay. This was originally meant to be a rest-relaxation-back-to-normal kind of month, but on the 1st, we basically had our house explode again, and then Jason’s car exploded a few days later. (Full details here.) An insane roller coaster of stuff happened in the first week of the month, good news bad news good news bad news etc. We weren’t even sure if we’d be able to go on our cruise this month, and it was well beyond the time of even partial refunds. Thankfully vacation was a go (yay!). So there was some relaxation this month. But of course, we still had the rest of the fallout from house-explosion to deal with when we got home.

One of my yearly goals crossed off this month – participating in an official 5K. Yay! Otherwise, nothing new there. I did get to cross off some of my bucket list goals, though. Saw the Pacific Ocean finally, and visited two new-to-me states (Washington and California). I also crossed a few things off my 40×40 list.

(about to conquer San Francisco)

Hahahah, nope. First two weeks focused on house/car explosions, then a bit over a week on vacation, and the last week of the month recovering. We had to eat out pretty much every night of the first two weeks, and then of course on the cruise there was constant food and desserts and drinks. So my food intake was dreadful this month. As for exercise, most was incidental instead of planned (like lugging books around the house during construction, walking around Seattle, or climbing 65 flights of stairs in San Francisco). I exercised most days (22), but very few of them were intentional exercise. Only 10 yoga, and of the 32 miles I walked, almost a third were on a single day in San Francisco. So it wasn’t really my best month in terms of health. I gained quite a bit in the half of the month, but was happy to maintain through my cruise and lose a couple pounds in the week since. I’m still up 3 lbs this month, though. Oh well.

RIP month! I had some fun reads this month, mostly on audio, and of course a book that I’ve been anticipating for several years finally came out (Lethal White). Total: 5. Favorite: Dreadful Company? I think? There were many good ones this month!

Highlights of September
The cruise, obviously, and during that vacation, meeting Kristen from We Be Reading! Otherwise:

  • Ambrose got his driver’s license! First registered driver of my boys.
  • my first 5K since March 2016!
  • Jason got a small cost-of-living raise at work
  • having several nights of restful sleep without sleep aids!
  • The National Merit scores came out this month, and while Morrigan missed it by one point, he’s a National Commended Scholar, and he got the highest score in his entire high school. They’ll be honoring him at a ceremony next month.
  • Morrigan is now registered to vote and can do so after his birthday on Oct 18!

Coming up in October
We do still have more work to do from fallout from the house problems in September – landscaping the yard again, painting the guest bathroom, putting up trim and floor thresholds, that sort of thing – but none of it is urgent or crucial or immediate. We’re going to take our time with it all and not stretch ourselves thin like every month from May onwards. Also, we decided to use the ripped up yard to plant skeletons climbing out of the ground for Halloween. I mean, how many other years will we have the perfect yard for that??

Beyond that, please, please no more house crises. Instead, let us have rest, regular schedules, exercise, decent nutrition. Please. Morrigan’s birthday. Possibly Readathon if I have time. More RIP books. Halloween. Decent weather for a change. These are my wishes this October. They don’t seem too much to ask. Please?

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Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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