Sunday Coffee – House Update 2

Little has happened in the last couple weeks, but this is the gist:

First, we got all our information to the USAA contracting department, who apparently went over the roofer’s heads and straight to their liability insurance. That seems to have lit a fire under the roofers, because last week we got a call from them asking if they could schedule to fix the back half of the roof that (if you’ll recall) they told us they didn’t have to fix even though we paid for it. Personally, I didn’t want them anywhere near my house again as they do shoddy work, but apparently if we don’t let them finish the job, we’ll have a hard time getting their liability insurance to pay for anything else. Ugh. So the plan was to have us both here with video and still photography the entire time. I’m also not letting them into the house proper unless it’s for repairs, and they can provide their own water, bathrooms, etc. The last time they came into this house, they were shouting, swearing, and nearly hitting our contractor, all with two of my kids nearby. They’re not welcome back into my home.

Beyond that, the contracting department at USAA called us back to ask us to file a claim with our insurance for the damage in the meantime. It’s supposed to be noted, with all the pertinent contact info, that this is in mediation with the roofer’s liability insurance. However, since that mediation will likely take a very long time (possibly over a year), they want us to get our house sorted before then. So we file a claim on our own insurance, and if the decision is eventually in our favor, then we get our deductible paid back to us and the claim disappears from our homeowner’s policy. Additionally, since USAA put this in mediation because it’s clearly not our fault (or something wrong with the house), it will (hopefully) not affect our homeowner’s insurance. So we filed that claim this week, and had an adjuster come out pretty quickly. They’re trying to sort out what of this mess is related to the original claim back in Feb, and which is related to the unrelated flooding claim from May, and what is new-claim-but-really-roofer’s-fault. They have to get a lot more info and probably come back a few times, and we’re currently waiting to see what they will approve of the claim. Hopefully it’ll be the whole thing because we really can’t afford to fix this on our own.

In the meantime, the roofers were scheduled to come by this past Tuesday, but had to cancel because it rained for several days. Yay for still having a hole in our roof! They eventually came at the end of the week though they changed days multiple times and finally just showed up late one afternoon, causing Jason to have to work from home more than he was supposed to. The roofing manager came with the subcontractors to verify the work was done properly, and they did a bunch of work to the siding and roof. The manager actually had them rip up their new work and redo some of it because it wasn’t to his liking, and he’s supposed to come back on Monday to do a leak test. That’s frustrating again, because Jason has to be at work on Monday and I have no idea how to verify that the test will be done properly…sigh.

In better news, I decided this week to rearrange my bedroom and living room, since everything was torn apart anyway. I was tired of having the living room arranged around the TV only, and also have it function as a walkway. So the books came downstairs, the decor came downstairs, the TV changed walls, the piano moved into the living room, and we now have a cozy little living room space with a walkway behind it. Upstairs, my office space in the bedroom moved over to the previous book area, and all our exercise equipment moved to my old office area. We now have four distinct quadrants of the bedroom: sleeping, office, exercise/yoga, and a sitting/reading area. It’s not fully complete, but I’m enjoying the current setup so far!

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6 Responses to Sunday Coffee – House Update 2

  1. Alexx's Keto Avenue says:

    Wow, I hope I never have to deal with the roofers you have had to deal with my goodness. I love the way the house looks inside however you guys did a great job, my friend.


  2. Michelle says:

    Good grief. I say enjoy redecorating and reorganizing the house. You deserve a brand-new house after all of the junk you are dealing with about the roof.


    • Amanda says:

      It makes me miss my pre-Boston house all over again, sigh. But really, I just want this house back. I look forward to having a fully functional kitchen and bathroom and dining room again!


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