Reign the Earth, by AC Gaughen

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I had mixed feelings about this book. Something about it grated on me the entire time I was reading, and at the same time, I was unable to put the book down. Part of me wants to read on to the next book, another part of me wants someone else to read it and tell me the spoilers. I’m honestly not sure how to put into words my discontent or my enjoyment – hence this mini-review. I guess the best way I can put it is this: I read a preview of the book online (maybe five pages or so) and I couldn’t tell from those five pages if I wanted to read on (I usually can). My plan was to get the book, read on a bit further, and see how I felt…and that continued all through the book. I could never make a decision, and eventually I’d read the whole thing by default. Something made me keep reading, even as something else in me wanted to set the book aside. Perhaps it’s just one of those middle-of-the-road books for me. Ah well.

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8 Responses to Reign the Earth, by AC Gaughen

  1. Trisha says:

    This has been my feeling about many a movie lately. For instance, I can’t decide exactly how I feel about 28 Days Later or whether I want to watch 28 Weeks Later. And I was annoyed while watching it but still kind of, sort of get why it won so many awards.


  2. kay says:

    Aww, sorry this didn’t quite work for you. These middle-of-the-road books are the worst, I always struggle to put my thoughts about them into words.
    I’m still not sure if I want to read this one. I like the cover and the description, but that is true for so many books!


    • Amanda says:

      Thinking back on it, I think that the main character was just so passive and naive so much of the time when it was obvious even from the book description that her husband was a monster – I couldn’t understand why she kept doing the things she did, and it frustrated me the entire time.


  3. Chrissy says:

    Hi! 😀 I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

    Cheers! 🙌🎉


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