Sunday Coffee – Jojo update and the Olympics!

I have Jojo news! He went to the vet again on Friday, and he’s up almost a pound this week. Yay! They’ve ruled out FIP, and have started him on a new medication for his digestive troubles. He also has ringworm on his face, so he has to be quarantined for another eight weeks. Oy. But he should get healthy, the vet says, he should make it! Hopefully he’ll become officially ours soon.

I’ve been watching the Olympics over the last few weeks. I’m not usually a huge winter Olympics person – I like the figure skating but don’t get into much more than that – but I watched a lot more as I was trying to process through grief and deal with a lot of illness in my family. Consequently, I ended up watching a whole heck of a lot more TV than normal, from 1-2 hours per week to 5-6 hours per day! I also got to experience a lot of the fun little moments throughout the events that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

I admit: I’m not a huge fan of the mentality in a lot of sports, especially on the US team. There’s a lot of “I’m the best” boasting, with complaining if they don’t win and smugness when they do. I tend to cheer for the underdogs, and to enjoy the more human stories of the games. There were a couple moments that stood out to me in particular this time around.

The first involved the Tongan skier, Pita Taufatofua, who is mostly known for his whole shirtless, oiled entry into the Games. What I really liked was his story, the way he seems to be a really kind person who cares more about what he can do for others and for his country than in winning personal glory. He didn’t do great in his event – 114th out of 119 skiers – but after he crossed the line, he waited until the last person came across, and hoisted him on top of his shoulders. How great is that??

The second was all about the upset on the Super G women’s course by Czech snowboarder Ester Ledecka. If y’all didn’t watch this, you should look it up. NBC had already announced the winners for the Super G and cut to a different event. All the rest of the skiers left were ranked very low and had no chance of being “true” competitors. Ester Ledecka trains in both snowboard and skiing but is far better at the former, and she was ranked something like 43rd in this particular event. She crossed the line one hundredth of a second faster than the woman who’d already been declared the winner. Then she just stared at the board, bewilderment across her face (see pic), as if waiting for the other shoe to drop. Which, apparently, she was, as she admitted later that she thought it was a mistake or that she’d missed a gate or something. She kept waiting for it to be corrected, and when it turned out she actually did win, she went to her press conferences with her ski goggles on because she wasn’t wearing makeup and didn’t prepare for interviews, thinking she had no chance of winning beforehand. Ha! I totally loved that moment.

Otherwise this week…I’m sick. I’m struggling to sleep and breathe (probably bronchitis), I’m coughing tons, and it’s unfortunate because the funeral services for my grandmother are this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. I don’t want to get anyone else sick, but I also don’t want to stay home, you know?

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6 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Jojo update and the Olympics!

  1. Trisha says:

    I am so sorry about your grandmother. I haven’t watched the Olympics except for the final match for the gold in curling – and then only the first 5 ends. And I only watched that because it was on when my husband and I went out to dinner at a sports bar. 🙂


  2. Kristen M. says:

    I’m so glad that Jojo is improving! And I’m not glad that you are sick. I went to that family wedding and, as always happens, caught the crud on the plane home and was sick with a nasty cold for two whole weeks after I got back. Yuck! I hope you were still able to go to your grandmother’s services.


    • Amanda says:

      I was able to go to most of it. I had to skip the rosary service because after two hours at the viewing, I needed to rest. But I made it to the rest, including the reception my aunt and uncle had after the funeral, so all was well. I’m still getting over this crud though, ugh!

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  3. Michelle says:

    It was hit-or-miss for Holly and me watching the Olympics this year. I tried to make sure I introduced her to as many different sports as possible and not just the ones they showed on prime time coverage. We didn’t always get to see the U.S., and that is okay too. We were watching when they cut to Ledecka winning. I thought it was funny and just proves that you should never assume the winners are the favorites.

    I am so glad Jojo is improving and has been cleared of FIP. Everything else is treatable, IMO. I hope you are able to keep him forever soon enough!

    How was the funeral? Did you end up going to the doctor for that cough? Get plenty of fluids and rest, girl!


    • Amanda says:

      The funeral was beautiful. I was really worried about what the mortuary would have to do since she passed more than three weeks before the viewing, but she looked perfect. One of my aunts put together a digital slideshow of photos from her life, and they told stories, and a bunch of the members of my family got to help with the mass. My two siblings who didn’t get down to see her before she passed did readings at the mass and stuff, and my stepmom arranged all the music including playing her trumpet for most of the mass and singing in one section. The whole thing was just exactly what we needed.

      No doctor yet. I think I’m finally starting to be on the mend but if it doesn’t go away soon I’m definitely going in to urgent care. My birthday is in two days and I don’t need to be sick for that!!


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