Yoga With Cats!

Yoga with cats should have been on my bucket list, but it wasn’t. After all, I get plenty of yoga with cats at home. Nimi is a big fan of yoga, often lying by my side and wrapping herself around me for the entire session. (She gets really annoyed when my knees nudge her away during extended child’s pose, ha!) Yoga with someone else’s cats is a different experience entirely. Yoga in a group with several dozen cats? That’s just plain awesome! Definitely a bucket list item, even if I neglected to put it on mine!

The San Antonio Cat Cafe opened sometime this past fall. I bookmarked their site and liked/followed their facebook page. When they started hosting yoga with cats in December, I was unable to go to either event. I’ve been waiting and waiting for another workshop to come up, and it finally did last week. My friend Stephanie and I both signed up, and went to the evening event last Tuesday night. The yoga was slow and available for all levels, and the cats indeed played all around the yogis for the hour-long practice. Things I learned:

– I can’t resist cats. I really can’t. If I’m not careful, I might just come home with a fourth kitty-child one of these days.

– Grey kitties are the cutest kitties ever.

(my Gavroche)

– Maybe this is only a coincidence, but all the tuxedo kittens (of which there were about a half-dozen) acted just like my Gavroche – friendly and silly and lovable and super active, but not the brightest cats ever. Haha!

– Cats really do bring people “prizes.” None of my three babies have ever done this, but one of the tuxedo kittens brought me a toy mouse and then hung out on my mat for quite some time, essentially adopting me.

– Speaking of mats, my cotton yoga mat – which I use on top of a regular mat, for extra cushioning as well as less slippage – is a huge cat-attraction. They love it!

– Savasana, or corpse pose, is an interesting time to have one kitten playing with your toes and one kitten nestling into your armpit. Ha!

Really, it was just so much fun. The workout was good – I was pretty sore the next day and decided to take a day off – but the cats running around and joining us were what really made the night. I obviously need to get back to volunteering at a shelter soon or I’ll go kitty-crazy and then I’ll really have to worry about bringing a fourth kitty-child home one day!

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2 Responses to Yoga With Cats!

  1. Michelle says:

    That sounds awesome! I would definitely be interested in something like this, if only because I have no cats at home.


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