Book Disappointment

Earlier this week I started a new book. It was a random Audible find that seemed promising. Supernatural thriller, narrator in love with a coworker for the last few years, also taking care of a younger sister confined to a wheelchair. It was an interesting setup with lots of tension – except a few chapters in, the coworker and sister both die. The narrator is left with no one but an otherworldly handsome supernatural creature that she hates but who will obviously eventually be the love interest. No.

I really liked this book in the beginning. The writing was fantastic. The pacing was great. The setup was interesting. The world-building was unfolding nicely. And then everything I liked about the book disappeared, and I was left with a typical YA paranormal romance plot that I’ve seen too many times now. It was like the author started writing one book, changed their mind for some reason, and then wrote an entirely new one. Honestly, I don’t even see how any of the setup was relevant. Why bother, if you’re just going to kill everyone off before the story actually gets started? And why would you make the focus of the plot synopsis all about characters who won’t actually be there for most of the book?

What a disappointment. I quit listening and returned the book to Audible. Thank goodness for their lovely return policy.

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2 Responses to Book Disappointment

  1. Ceri says:

    Gawd, how disappointing. The YA tropes are getting ridiculous now. I think that’s why I’ve become so cautious whenever I dip into one.


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