Sunday Coffee – Vacation Talk

Hello everyone! After three weeks of (mostly) silence, I’m back! It was a much-needed break and a good vacation, but now I have a lot to catch up on. To note, I went ahead and marked all posts in Feedly as read before this morning, so if there’s been anything cool I ought to hear about in the last few weeks, please let me know! Leave me links to your blogs or comment on how you’re doing. I’ve missed my blog-friends!

As for my extended vacation, I’m happy to say that I got to do many of the things I set out to do in San Antonio. I drove around my old neighborhood in town, visited my old library (where my librarian friends told me they’d be happy to renew my card even though I live in WI now, so I can keep checking out e-audiobooks!), ate at a few of my favorite restaurants, saw a lot more of my family than I thought I’d get to see (including some who just happened to be in town), hung out with a few friends, spent a lot of time in bookstores, and just generally relaxed.

Some surprising good notes: Despite lots of eating out, I also had a lot of really good home-cooked meals with a much wider variety of produce than we have available in northern WI at this time of year. I could just feel the way my body sucked in all that nutrition I’ve been lacking up north. I also got in tons of exercise, walking around neighborhoods and doing yoga for 15- or 30-minute stretches most days. Compared to the first half of February, I was much more active! Unfortunately, the one thing I didn’t get to do was the 5K that I went down to Texas for. Ironic, huh? I signed up, got my packet, bought some fantastic new shoes to use…and then the morning-of, it was storming, and between super-wet ground and a rocky trail, I opted not to risk further injury to my foot. Boo. At least I still supported the cause!

Anyway, I hope to be more present here soon, and I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone! Love y’all! 🙂

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Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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10 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Vacation Talk

  1. Karen K. says:

    So jealous that your library friends extended your card! I just checked Overdrive at my new library and it is sad in comparison, so I’ll have to listen to as many audiobooks as possible until mine expires! I’m glad you had a good time in San Antonio. And I love your Slytherin mug — where did you get it?


    • Amanda says:

      I wish I’d had my card with me and could have done it right then. But at least I know I can call them in July when it expires. They’d probably do the same for you! As for the mug, I think Jason got it for me a couple years ago. Probably just from Amazon.


  2. Kristen M. says:

    You were definitely missed and I’m glad that the trip was so good! Sometimes you just need a reset. I’m looking forward to a longer evening tonight. Sunset after 7pm should help a lot with my mood!


  3. Michelle says:

    Welcome back! You definitely sound refreshed, and you are coming back to DST which I know always helps you. Here’s hoping that you can start getting some good, fresh veggies soon and more exercise now that the evenings will be longer.


  4. Kailana says:

    Glad you had a great trip! I went to the store last week and bought seeds for my garden. Be like two months or something before I can actually plant them, but it still made me excited. lol


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