Wellness Wednesday #44: A funny thing happened on the way to circuit training…

buttonFebruary. Circuit training. That was The Big Plan. I had it all worked out. Half an hour alternating minute by minute between strength training and cardio, designed to be a full body workout. It was a good design, but as February approached, there was part of me that looked toward this circuit training with dread. I told myself it was just worry about trying something new, and I’d come to love it. And if I didn’t love it, I told myself, if it hurt too much on my foot, I could drop the plan. I gave myself a way out.

February 1st. First day of circuit training. The dread intensified. I looked back and saw that I’d been exercising daily for over a week, and decided that I needed a rest day. It was a day of audiobook and puzzles and eating more than normal. A proper off day. I could always start on the 2nd, right?

February 2nd. First day of circuit training, part 2. The dread intensified. I found myself typing up blog posts, fiddling with the current puzzle-in-progress, unloading the frickin’ dishwasher. Anything to put off the inevitable. Which, of course, is when I had my aha moment. Why inevitable? I didn’t want to do that circuit training. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to exercise, which is a different thing altogether. It was that I didn’t want to do my planned cardio/ST combo. I wanted to do my yoga! Thus the decision was made. Scrap February’s plan. Goodbye circuit training. Hello yoga!

loveyogaI did some yoga, smiling the whole time. Afterwards, I took this picture and posted it on Instagram. Part of what I wrote there said, “They say that to maintain a good fitness regimen, you must find fitness you love. And I love yoga. Through yoga, I’ve become stronger and more flexible. My posture has improved and I rarely need to see a chiropractor. I’ve found peace of mind in yoga, and a love for my body despite injuries and obesity. I look forward to my workouts and have even doubled up some days. … And here I am, post-workout, messy hair, no makeup, obese body – and feeling so alive and self-loved that I can grin at my reflection. This is truly the definition of find what feels good.”

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2 Responses to Wellness Wednesday #44: A funny thing happened on the way to circuit training…

  1. Michelle says:

    Amen. When you find something you love to do, it is amazing how the dread and avoidance just disappear.

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