Sunday Coffee – Time to Get Away

img_7387I need a vacation. As it turns out, I’ve run into a very solid weather-related wall. When the temps don’t rise above 10 degrees, I don’t go outside, not even to check the mail. Anything between 10 and 20 degrees is iffy. Above that, and I’m okay.

So yes, I should’ve known better than to move to northern Wisconsin. To be fair, I was thinking it wouldn’t be all that much different from the five years I lived in southwest Wisconsin, which had very few days with a high under 15, and only a handful with a high under 20.

I’m here now, though, and there’s no going back until the boys are all off to college and I won’t have to move them in school again. So I need a vacation. I’ve been lucky this year in that it’s been a relatively warm winter. Relatively. As in, I can leave the house about half the time. I’m a tad worried about upcoming years, when I might be shut in for months at a time. This is one reason Jason and I are discussing the possibility of me wintering in San Antonio. It would be extremely difficult for many reasons, but the price of my mental health might be worth it.

In any case, that’s not this year. This year, I just have to take advantage of those lovely days that get above 20, and relish in those glorious days that get above freezing! And, of course, take some time to get away. I’m scheduled to head to San Antonio soon. I’ll be there for two weeks, the end of Feb and early March, over my birthday and for the Run 4 Hope 5K that benefits the Rape Crisis Center there. I’ve done this 5K every year with a group of friends, traveling back from Boston a couple years ago to do it, and I plan to uphold that tradition. Now if only it didn’t look like San Antonio will have temps in the 80s during that time…talk about one extreme to the other…

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7 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Time to Get Away

  1. Michelle says:

    I would like to say you do get used to the weather and the temperatures. However, I do tend to feel more alive when it is bitterly cold outside, so I’m coming from a completely different place than you. For your sake, I do hope you get used to it. You have way too much time left to not go outside for six months out of the year.


    • Amanda says:

      I just don’t imagine I will. I’ve had a very strong upper limit on temps since I was a kid, and it seems I have just as strong of a limit on the bottom end. Really, I ought to try living in a more temperate climate instead of on the extremes, haha.


  2. I find myself struggling when the temperature doesn’t rise over 40 degrees, I have no idea how I would survive such bitterly cold conditions. I hope your winter continues to be mild, and that perhaps you can acclimatize.


    • Amanda says:

      I imagine I’ll probably end up wintering at least part-time in SA. I just can’t see myself being homebound for so long each year, because up here it’s normally months and months of it. I’m glad this winter has been mild!

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  3. Kailana says:

    This winter hasn’t been bad as other winters in my neck of the woods, but as I have lived in Nova Scotia my entire life… I just expect winter. lol Usually February is a really bad month for me because we have had so much snow, but we haven’t had as much snow this year. I found I am just in a blah mood in general, so I don’t see February being any different than January, but we will see… I do know we have a storm headed this way that could be bad.


    • Amanda says:

      I guess in Texas, I just sort of expected the long summer, and it was depressing but I could manage. I’ve never liked the heat, but I didn’t know I had a downward crossing line as well. I need to move out to northern California or something where it’s temperate all year round…


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