Sunday Coffee – Happy Thanksgiving!

img_6845It’s that time of year! Halloween has passed, Christmas is coming, and we spent this week gorging ourselves on turkey and stuffing and pie. Especially stuffing, in my case, because it’s honestly the best food in the world and I need to avoid it if I ever want to lose weight again, haha.

Thanksgiving is very different for me up north than it is in Texas because of a few things. First, there’s already snow on the ground here and my brain rebels against that. To my brain, winter and summer should both be balanced by spring and fall, and yet I seem to keep living in places that are either six months of summer or six months of winter. It’s been a super warm winter here compared to normal – apparently there’s normally a foot of snow on the ground by Thankgsiving, I’m told – but there’s still been snow and days when it doesn’t get above freezing even in mid-afternoon. To me, that’s December through February weather. It feels very strange to have Thanksgiving when it’s that cold out, the same way it felt strange the years in Texas when it was nearly 90 degrees for the holiday.

Second, I had this Thanksgiving with an entirely different set of relatives. That isn’t a bad thing of course, just different. We hosted the event at our house this year, with my in-laws and some extended family joining us. I tried to bring a few Texas traditions to the table, like my Aunt Lenny’s special cornbread-sausage-poblano stuffing. Mostly, though, the tradition leaned Midwest instead of Southwest. Very different for me.


The holidays make me a bit homesick. I wish I had the time and money to go visit in December between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I don’t this year. The plan for next year is to spend Christmas break down in Texas with family. (Hopefully.) This year, we’ve already decorated for Christmas and I’m incorporating as many of my family’s traditions as possible for all the holidays to help me stay close to my loved ones back home.

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5 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Michelle says:

    I have been a midwesterner too long, because this weather is just plain weird to me. I never got used to the warmer winters in southern Ohio, and the fact that I did not have winter coat on at all this weekend is bizarre. Cold weather, especially snow, helps put me in the holiday mood. I am struggling this year with the relatively warm temperatures.

    I think incorporating family traditions is a lovely way to celebrate the new year. My sister-in-law is in a similar situation to what you are currently facing – her parents are in Texas and her twin sister is in Denver. They alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas. This Thanksgiving they were with us, and I know they will spend Christmas with either her parents or her sister. Next year, they will reverse the holidays. We try to get to my in-laws when we can, but these days going anywhere distant for the holidays just does not happen. I suspect this will change when Connor is gone though.


    • Amanda says:

      I spent five years in southern Wisconsin, and I got used to the weather there. It never snowed before December and often didn’t start snowing tons until January. It was cold in November, but not iced over. Being 250 miles further northward, though, in a snowbelt area, apparently it’s usually snowy October through May here, and that’s just WAY too much. I just wish there was something in between, you know? In San Antonio, we’d have years that were colder but most years you could wear shorts at Thanksgiving and that was just silly.


      • Michelle says:

        Well, southern Wisconsin has changed a bit in recent years. There was one year we actually had more snow than up north because all of the storms went south instead of following their normal route. Since we moved back, we have seen snow in November. Last year, we had a good foot of snow for Thanksgiving. I am used to that and totally okay with it. I am not used to this. Thunderstorms at the end of November? No thank you!


  2. Kailana says:

    I hope that despite the distance from your family, you have a wonderful holiday season!


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