A Table Set for Five

Sometimes I kinda go crazy when yarn goes on sale. When Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton skeins went on sale for a dollar each, I bought around 30 of them, all in different colors. A week later, we decided to move across the country, and you know how that progress of that journey progressed! I began making place-mats with my cotton before we left, and had gotten several done before the move. Now, I’ve gotten them all made! We have a table set for five.


I know it’s traditional to have all your place-mats match. I don’t much care, though. I let everyone in the family pick out the design they liked best and the colors they liked best, and then I got to work.

08 placemat for AAmbrose’s place-mat was the first I worked on. There was no pattern for this. Instead, we’d seen something similar on image searches for crocheted table settings, and it looked easy enough to replicate. Ambrose loves lots of color, so he chose his colors and the order they would go in, and I got to work. It only took a few hours to piece together, and came out very nice once blocked!

08 placemat for meMy place mat was the second done. I heavily-modified a potholder pattern from Ravelry. My cotton yarn is size 4 and this pattern called for size 1, but I decided that the size 4 would work for my mat if I added a few more flowers to the longer section. I then changed up the pattern to let me use two colors of yarn for the background. And while the project turned out beautifully, I will never use this pattern again. Nope, nope, nope. There is FAR too much embroidery involved. Those flowers took me several days to put together and I hated every minute of it. I love crochet. I hate sewing. Good to know.

08 placemat for LUp next was Laurence’s design (mostly because he kept saying “When will you make mine? Have you started mine?”). I found the design for this on Pinterest, which led me to a page that supposedly links out to the original source, except the original source has gone missing. In other words, no pattern. This looked easy enough to replicate, slightly modified to fit Laurence’s colors and design choices, and it came out quite nice! He loved it, too, and was sad it immediately got packed away before he could actually use it. Ha!

08 placemat for M

Morrigan’s place-mat is a slightly-adapted version of this pattern from Moogly. This was one of my favorite mats to make – simple and easy and pretty. It was actually my third time making one of these, as I used the non-adapted version of the pattern to make coordinating mats and coasters for my sister and her husband for their wedding in August.


Jason’s place-mat had to wait until after we finished moving to Wisconsin, and even then it took a long time. Finally, though, right after we moved into our own house, I got this one done. The pattern is from Red Heart, with a bit less edging on it or it would have been massive compared to the others. It came out beautifully!

A lot of good stuff came from this project. I learned how to block properly – crucial with cotton projects – and it turned out that our new dining room table was real wood and needs place-mats and coasters if we don’t want to damage it. This came just at the right time!

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6 Responses to A Table Set for Five

  1. Michelle says:

    They are all just gorgeous and a perfect compliment to that beauty of a table!


  2. I love your place mats! So cool how they are all made specifically for each family member. I think yours is my favorite.


  3. gricel says:

    My mom has SOOOO much yarn just waiting to be used. I think I’m going to beg for some placemats of my own, give her an excuse to start knitting small projects (she usually goes for giant, time-consuming projects that take a year to finish).


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