Sunday Coffee – Audible

img_6408More than once since I began listening to audiobooks in 2010, I’ve questioned whether or not to join Audible. I’m super picky about audiobooks and narrators, and I tend to only buy books after I’ve tried them from the library first. There were some audiobooks that I really wanted to own, but not enough to justify the expense and risk of Audible. I heard rumors that you could return books if you didn’t like them, and that piqued my interest. I wasn’t sure, though. Wasn’t sure if the price and risks were worth it.

Then Jason bought me a year’s membership for my birthday this past March. For the last seven months, I’ve explored, and I’m finally ready to make a report on my Audible experience. To sum it up in one word: glorious.

First, I was surprised at just how easy everything was to use. My credits just sat there waiting for me. I could buy audiobooks or use credits. (I discovered too late that I should only use my credits for books that cost more than a credit. My first two grabs were classics that only cost about $5 apiece. Whoops!) Once I purchased a book, I could download immediately. I can delete from my phone afterwards to save space, without deleting the books altogether, and re-download whenever I wish

Second, I fell in love with the specials and daily deals. There are some audiobooks that I enjoyed in the past but never would have spent a credit on if they hadn’t popped up for $3.95 one day. I’ve been glad to snatch up every single one. Then there are the periodic sales where tons and tons go up for under $5? !!! Right before we moved to Wisconsin, I bought 10 audiobooks for under $30. Some were ones I knew, some were roll-the-dice books, which leads me to:

Third, Audible does book-returns right! It is sooooo easy. There are two books now that I’ve started listening to and either didn’t like the story or didn’t like the narrator. Nervous that I’d be stuck with them because I’d gotten them for something like $2 on a special, I went online to try the return service. A couple of clicks and Audible swapped me book for money. Nothing could be simpler. I was super impressed.

Last, I’ve discovered pre-orders. There were several books coming out this fall that I wanted to have an audio. They are series that I prefer on audio, so even though I never pre-order anything, I pre-ordered them. A credit went to them, and I got a notification the day they came out that I could download. Perfect!

I’ve yet to run out of credits since I got a year’s in advance and I’ve learned to pay for sale-books with money. I only have a couple left, though, and so soon I’ll discover how buying credits works (because I’ve heard you can do this if you don’t have any left and it’s still a bit before your next monthly comes out?). I’m definitely going to keep my membership going once the initial year runs out. Totally 100% worth it, and I kinda wish I’d signed up years ago!

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7 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Audible

  1. Kailana says:

    Yeppers, I have a monthly membership (really should do yearly…) and every month they ask me if I want to buy 3 extra credits. (And yep, have done that on busy reading months… lol) They are still cheaper than buying the books themselves, but sometimes it is the same or cheaper to get the book without a credit. I am disappointed with the current sale. If I am going to pay 12 dollars on sale for a book, I would rather just wait for them to go back to regular price and use a credit. lol Just wait until Christmastime. Every year Lorrie buys me a stash of audiobooks for Christmas during their sale. It is so fun! (Except sometimes I find the books in sales are mostly the same and I have all the ones I am interested in…) I also love their return option, I just returned a book the other day that wasn’t working for me. And I have been known to exchange a book because I have changed my mind and wanted to spend my credit on another book for that month. lol


    • Amanda says:

      I’ve never had a chance to buy extra credits! That’s not a feature with the yearly membership. Interesting. When you mention the recent sale, are you talking about the 50% off scifi/fantasy? I saw some in there that are normally $60 on sale for $30, and I thought…well, I’d just use a credit for that regardless of which cost it is…


  2. Kristen M. says:

    I think about Audible whenever my library doesn’t have something I’m looking for on audio but haven’t given it a try yet. Thanks for the good info!


  3. Michelle says:

    Audible is my only audiobook source. I’ve tried the library but their audiofile selection is limited, and their CDs suck. Besides, I don’t even have a CD drive on my computer anymore. I’ve been a member for years and love every minute of it!


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